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  1. Regents College

    Sorry Missy, but your's is a very concentrated opinion of Regeant's nurses' skill, effectiveness and understanding. For the most part, most of those nurses enrolled or graduated from Regent's MUST be licensed nurses. In fact, most in their program ar...
  2. whatever happed to regitene (?) that used to work pretty well?
  3. 8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    Totally agree with Palpitations. You really have to be a nurse for a while and see what we mean. Plus if you have a family 12 hrs, which often =s a lot more if you work in a unit, is more than 12hr. That doesn't even take travel time into account (...
  4. nursingspectrum?

    Anyone else having problems with getting onto NursingSpectrum web site? Is there server down?