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  1. retiredarmynp

    Prescribing narcotics in the va system

    I work in a outpatient clinic for the VA Administration in North Texas. Nurse Practitioners are not allowed to write any prescriptions for ANY controlled medications. Can anyone working for this sytem let me know what the restrictions are in your area. I retired from the army, and I find the VA in north texas not very receptive to "mid level providers". The DOD side of the house was more receptive and understanding toward my position than the VA system. Physicians call PAs and NPs mid-level providers. I had to inform them that I am a nurse practitioner and not a mid level provider. The process of looking for a physician to sign off on medications have caused me a lot anxiety, and patients longer wait times at the pharmacy. Please chime in.
  2. retiredarmynp

    Candid discussion about the Nurse Practitioner role by NP's only please.

    Hello burnedoutRNinSC, I am here to help you. I was a critical care nurse for 20 years. I knewI wouldn't do anything else. But, I am getting older and the offer came when I was in the army. I have been a APN(FNP) for 10 years. The reason I am a FNP, the army will only send you to school for a FNP. Easy, more bang for their buck. I went the school at the University of Texas at San Antonio. I am so happy I made the change in my nursing career. I wouldn't change my experience as a NP for anything. I did get excellent training, but you will have to getoriented to any place you get a job. You have made a good decision to change direction in your career. Try to go to a school in house and not a school that is all distance learning. I feel this way because of experience with both new grads when I precept. Now, I am retired and landed a great job with the VA in woman's health. Theway health care is going and is headed, you will truly be needed in primary care. What part of our great country do you live?
  3. retiredarmynp

    Anyone failed nursing school and went back and was successful?

    Yes, I am one who believe in second chances. If you want to be a nurse apply to a school that is not so fast paced. Like one nurse said, you can go to a ADN program, get a good mentor or someone that has completed a program. If you have problems you can always email me. I don't mind helping any one.llsulton1951@yahoo.com. Best of luck to you.