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  1. dollarman

    Is BC really that bad in terms of RN jobs?

    Hi to all, I just wanted to highlight again that I have nothing against any other IEns from wherever, UK or NZ or PHI. As I have said, in my opinion I would like to put on the blame on the regulatory body, NOT on my co-IENs. All of us are all equally...
  2. dollarman

    Please, need specifics to be RN in Montreal!

    Hi everyone! I did my 4 years Bachelor of Sci. in Nursing in the Philippines and I also did a 1 year nursing refresher course for IENs here in Vancouver. I passed the CRNE last october 2010 and I am now planning to apply for registration in quebec. D...
  3. dollarman

    Anyone writing CRNE for the 3rd time?

    Canadian Mosby and CNA prep guide is enough to prepare. dont use NCLEX Book please! that's a suicide! Godbless
  4. dollarman

    Anyone writing CRNE for the 3rd time?

    Hi guys, The goal for the exam is to get 120/180 right? my advice is to attack-attack-attack! answer the questions you surely know then quickly skip the questions that you need to think about. For sure out of 200 questions, there are 60 to 70 eas...
  5. dollarman

    Montreal Gen Hosp area

    Hi to all!! Anybody here currently working at Montreal Gen Hosp? I would like to know about the area and the people because I might be able to get a job in this hosp. I am from Vancouver and if ever hired, I will have to move by myself and live by...
  6. dollarman

    I have questions about Financial Aid

    Hi coast2coast, I would like to thank you for dropping me a message about my montreal nursing post. I am a new user and I dont know how to send you a message back so I just join this thread to let you u know I appreciate your advise. Thanks again!
  7. dollarman

    Where to work in Montreal

    Sweet, thanks a lot for that very detailed info. It decreases my anxiety a lot. How's Montreal by the way? how about the cost of living? because if MUHC will hire me, I might move to the city and live by myself.
  8. dollarman

    Where to work in Montreal

    Hi lostintranslation, I am also a RN here in BC and MUHC interviewed me recently. It sounds like everything will fall into place. If I am a Canadian RN already and I apply for registration in Quebec, will they quickly give me a permit to work as a...
  9. dollarman

    Recent RN or CPN in Montreal, Quebec

    Hi, I am an RN here in BC and planning to apply for registration in montreal. I was interviewed in one of the hospitals of montreal recently. They said that I will be given a permit to work as a RN within 6 weeks with no sweat upon applying for regis...
  10. dollarman

    Hospitals and salary in Richmond, VA

    Hi, I am from vancouver and I saw your post. The starting salary is pretty much the same in almost every hospital in the area, around $29 something, plus your past experience that you will bring wit you. Where are you from?