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  1. dreamtheater

    BVNPT- LVN Retake application?

    HI everyone! I am planning on retaking the California-LVN NCLEX Exam. The problem is, I can not find the Retake application form on the BVNPT website! Does anyone here has the link to the Retake application form? Much appreciated. DT
  2. dreamtheater

    --Need some advice about NCLEX-RN CALI requirements--

    thanks for the reply Angela..My problem is Im already here in California. I brought my TOR here.. SO I guess Ill mail MY TOR back to the Philippines and have someone mail it to BRN. tsk3...
  3. Hi this is my first post here. I know there's already a lot of thread concerning this topic however I cannot find any clear answers regarding my concern. I just recently passed my local licensure exam ( Philippines ), I am a Green Card holder already and has a SSN. I want to apply for a Licesure exam here in California and I already have all my requirements done. However, I brought with me My TOR that I got from my school sealed and closed. My concern is that, Who will going to send the TOR to the BRN? Is it ME or my SCHOOL? I asked my school about this and they said I can send It myself to the BRN. anyone with the same experience? PLs help, Thank you.