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  1. dreamtheater

    PVT showed good pop up and bad pop up later

    He is a RN in his home country. Not all Registered Nurses are from US and Canada only.
  2. dreamtheater

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Cool! IMO, PVT is 99% accurate! Pay up the Initial License application once Breeze let you to, congrats!
  3. dreamtheater

    California NCLEX-PN Results

    Check your Breeze account, if they let you pay for the initial license application then you passed your NCLEX exam.
  4. dreamtheater

    HI Continuing Education

    Hi, anyone can suggest a good online Continuing education for Hawaii State?
  5. dreamtheater

    2019 NCLEX, UWORLD - Boom Bam Wowee

    I passed my NCLEX-RN after out of school for 10yrs. I only did you Uworld. Passed at 75 questions! Just make sure to study all the rationales. I also read a little bit of Saunders. Don't waste your money and time on Kaplan, just get the Uworld.
  6. dreamtheater

    Endorsement to Nevada

    YOu can actually find all the requirements on their website. Do you already have a NV Nurse POrtal account? I live in California..
  7. dreamtheater

    Endorsement to Nevada

    Oh Cool, well you can try sending your CES to Nevada BON. That won't hurt. I suggest you send them your Summary of Related learning experience, Course description , etc.. I only need to pass the English Proficiency test. all the best,
  8. dreamtheater

    Endorsement to Nevada

    They did not ask for my CGFNS-CES. Are you from PI?
  9. dreamtheater

    BVNPT- LVN Retake application?

    HI everyone! I am planning on retaking the California-LVN NCLEX Exam. The problem is, I can not find the Retake application form on the BVNPT website! Does anyone here has the link to the Retake application form? Much appreciated. DT
  10. dreamtheater

    Using rationales when studying

    Yes you should study all the rationales. That is the purpose they give you the rationales.
  11. dreamtheater

    Is there any hope for me at this point?

    You can do it don't loose hope! I finished my BSN course 9 years ago and I just passed the NCLEX this year on my second try. I highly recommend Uworld.
  12. dreamtheater

    Endorsement to Nevada

    Hi, has anyone successfully got their NV License by endorsement from another state this year? I am a foreign Grad nurse who just recently got my HI RN License. Can anyone please share their experience, much appreciated . Thank you!
  13. dreamtheater

    UK trained Nurses Nclex experience

    Hi Liz, I highly suggest doing Uworld. Study the rationales, do at least 75 questions a day.
  14. dreamtheater

    CA-BVNPT now requires IENs to undergo CGFNS

    Yes they require CES now. just do it it's easy and quick. I got my CES report less than a month after I submitted all the required documents.
  15. dreamtheater

    certified true copy or orginal copy transcript?

    I remember sending just certified true copy with seal ..They accepted it.
  16. dreamtheater

    How to: Applying for the CGFNS CES

    Go to or have someone renew your PRC License. It's easy, I got my CES report a month after I submitted all the requirements.

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