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  1. mdcnursingstudent87

    Baptist Program Questions...

    I just returned from my interview... wow it was intense:heartbeat! They were nice though, they all smiled and even laughed at one of my answers =) but the questions they asked were really tough. If you have the gift of gab than you'll do just fine;). Here are some of the questions they asked me: - What does it take to be a successful nurse? - How do you solve problems? - Name a time where you had a problem to solve? - Why should we invest in you? - What would you do if you saw a fellow nurse doing something unethical? - What would you do to help build a work-relationship with a co-worker? - What have you learned outside the classroom and outside the work place? Darn I can't remember any other questions.... if I do I will post them. :stdnrsrck:
  2. mdcnursingstudent87

    Does anyone have any info on Miami-Dade's BSN program?

    I was told the program is only offered part time, and that it is a great program to be a part of. I just dont know how the program is for. :stdnrsrck:
  3. mdcnursingstudent87

    Baptist Program Questions...

    Hello everyone, I just applied to the baptist scholars program and I am very nervous:uhoh3: about all the questions the panel will ask. Has anyone recently been interviewed? If so can you tell me what kind of questions they asked? Thanks, :stdnrsrck: