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  1. kayroool

    Towson University BSN Program FALL 2011

    Thank you! Actually, Towson will be my last option just in case I don't get into UMB. :)
  2. Hello everyone! Just got accepted to Towson's BSN program in the Hagerstown campus for Fall 2011. Just wondering if anyone else was accepted to the program (Towson main or Hagerstown). Also, I haven't really heard anything about the Hagerstown campus. Is it any good since there are only 24 students in the program (meaning more teacher-student interaction)? I'd love to hear from you guys!
  3. kayroool

    UMB FALL 2011

    My application's "Ready to be Reviewed" by the application committee! And now the long wait.. ahhh I can't handle the suspense. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! I'M PRAYING FOR YOU GUYS!
  4. kayroool

    UMB FALL 2011

    @ksm84 and @student4_life, haha you're absolutely right, i wonder why people aren't posting anything on here. may i ask which campus will you guys be applying too? and what's your gpa like? who knows.. we may be future classmates!
  5. kayroool

    UMB FALL 2011

    Mine was 4 pages too! however, it shortened to two pages just after widening the margins. good luck!
  6. kayroool

    UMB FALL 2011

    Thanks a lot for the advice. I just submitted my application. I am entirely too nervous right now.
  7. kayroool

    UMB FALL 2011

    I will be applying for the Fall 2011 program at UMB really really soon. I was wondering if anyone else was doing the same...? I'm really nervous about applying because Anatomy really kicked my butt last semester and I ended up getting a C (even though I ended up doing really well on my other science courses). Now, I'm losing hope. Anyone feeling the same?