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  1. Baxter Swan and SV02...

    The tip of your swan was probably up against the vessel wall. You could try wedging the swan, flushing it or you may need to pull back a cm. Hope that helps!
  2. I would try California. I don't know about the union but I have heard their pay is very good although you do have to consider the cost of living. I can't believe anywhere has the nerve to pay $14.00/hr for a registered nurse that's awful. And call...
  3. double checking insulin doses

    In my hospital the only thing that must be checked by two nurses is blood. The staffing must be better in areas that double check every med! I'm lucky to have someone around to relieve me when I need to use the restroom let alone double check my eve...
  4. 12 hour shifts

    The staff in our CCU would like to go to 12 hour shifts. Currently we have a mix of 12 hour shifts and 8 hour shifts with the majority being 8 hour shifts. Our nurse manager states that there is no way 12 hour shifts would work and it would make st...
  5. Charting Bloopers

    We all got a good laugh at work after reading a consultation from our ID doctor. She has large amount of ***** drainage... we decided that purulent might look better. (Keep in mind it was a slow day)
  6. Difficult patients and families

    It never fails to amaze me what will come out of patients and families mouths. I work in a busy CCU and the other day I admitted a patient who had failed TPA and came back from cath lab very unstable and bleeding like a stuck pig. As I hung my four...
  7. What they did not teach in nursing school.

    Here are a few pearls of wisdom that I have learned (some of the learning experiences have been more painful than others).... Shaving cream used in place of soap during a bath will take care of most noxious odors. When caring for a trach patient ...
  8. Changes

    Well I can speak a little bit about unions since in my four years as a nurse I have always worked at unionized hospitals. I personally would not work at a hospital that was not unionized. I feel that hospital administration is pressured to make mone...
  9. IABP Removal

    I wanted to post a question to the board and get a feel for what is being done in other institutions. I work in busy CCU unit. We routinely care for IABP patients. We have a new cardiologist on staff who thinks that the bedside nurse should D/C th...