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  1. mtowers2

    having a boyfriend vs. nursing studies

    I definitely don't believe it is the "man's position" to make more money however, it should be the expectation of any person you are with to at least have some sort of goals for the future and the responsibility of getting up everyday and going to work. Everyone has room for growth, so my concern with the situation is he should have some sort of goals long term and short term. Ultimately you need to focus on you and your career goals. If he loves you he will A. support you especially if you are doing something positive with your life and B. hopefully will step up and better himself for you and your relationship!
  2. mtowers2

    Getting avoided by a nurse...in my own family

    I agree with a few of the earlier posts. First and foremost maybe she is avoiding you because she feels bad that you did not make it and is afraid that in talking to you she might offend you or reopen that wound for you. I also agree that you should just be up front and direct with her and ask her straight up why she is avoiding you. Finally, nursing truly is a lifestyle and nursing is probably the main thing going on her life right now one way or another and she maybe hesitant to talk to you because nursing maybe the only thing she has to discuss and she may find it hard to discuss it with you thinking she may upset you.
  3. mtowers2

    New nurse, Second Medication error, Scared

    Considering your job seems to be on the line I here I know it is hard but please try not beat yourself up to much over it. I am a new nurse as well and I see how easy it is to make a med error. My only suggestion is to try to be as thorough as possible and check all MARS before you leave for the day. Bottom line everyone makes mistakes including nurses. In the long run there is no failure. You win or you learn. Either one is okay! I wish you the best. Keep your head up and don't be to hard on yourself. Meghan