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    El Centro Nursing Program Points System

    I got in on 17 points... I am about to start my second semester though, so things may have changed a little bit. I think you definitely wouldn't want any less than 16, but I'd try for 17 or 18 if you can get that HESI up. or enroll for summer two to bring one of your grades up,if thats the issue. Last summer, I took Eng 1, AP1 and 2, Micro and HPRS class and made a 4.0 with it. Taking A and P was probably the reason that I got all 9 points that were possible, I made a 100 on the section. I guess my point is that if you want it bad enough, you can do it. For the record, I love what Im doing now! The program is crazy and inconsistent, but I've learned alot. Make friends with your clinical instructor!