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rnmom3153 has 32 years experience and specializes in LTC, HOSPICE, HOME, PAIN MANAGEMENT, ETC.

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  1. rnmom3153

    I wanted to explain what happened to me...

    I too want to offer support and love to you. I've been through similar situations, so I understand what you're going through. It's so true that when one door closes, another opens. You ARE so kind, loving and dedicated...we need more nurses like you. Something much better is just around the corner for you! Hold your head up and try to move on after you've worked through your grief and anger. You are most definitely in my prayers. rnmom Sorry, after I read the first page I wanted to post support for you without reading further, so CONGRATULATIONS! I admire your courage and will keep you in my prayers. It hurts my heart when I see nurses hurting each other. We get so much support here!
  2. rnmom3153

    Phoenix Newbie

    WELCOME! WELCOME!:monkeydance: :groupwelcome: ( AZ Nurses :-)
  3. rnmom3153

    Chandler nice/bad areas??????

    How exciting to see Chandler nurses here!:monkeydance: I'm new in Chandler...Rural & Chandler Blvd. I'd love to get to know other nurses in this area! I relocated from Fl. just 2 mos. ago! Ahwatukee is very nice..I do know some people there and they love it! I don't know about schools, but I could check around. It's very nice in this area, as well. Very safe, also. I haven't started the process for obtaining an AZ license and would love to hear how you did it and any ins & outs. COOL! Carol:nurse:
  4. rnmom3153

    Chemical Dependency Evaluation

    WOW! What an ordeal! Kudos to you for your courage & strength for reaching out for help and for keeping it together during this time! They took their sweet time, huh? rnmom:nuke:
  5. rnmom3153

    PDA use in the real world of nursing?

    This is an awesome thread! I have an illness that has robbed me of my memory, but I compensate by keeping extensive notes on everything. I always carry around a little notebook. I will be getting a palm pilot or PDA. I'm really excited! I am taking notes on this thread now to learn all about them. What is the difference between a palm pilot and PDA? Thanks so much for all this great info! Carol
  6. rnmom3153

    Just a Little Poem

    :monkeydance: :roll : HA HA HA!!!!! Works for me!!!!
  7. rnmom3153

    Any of you living in Arizona??

    Hi all, I just moved to Chandler last Fri. I'm not working right now, but I hope to be soon. I need medical care first. Any ideas how to transfer my nursing license. I would love to talk to other nurses in this area. It's near Mesa, Tempe and Phoenix. Thanks, Carol
  8. rnmom3153

    LTC nurse needs some opinions

    :yeahthat: I've worked years in LTC AS WELL.
  9. rnmom3153

    Casa Grande Az- im on my way!!!!

    BTW, I've been in South Florida for the last 35 years! rnmom
  10. rnmom3153

    Casa Grande Az- im on my way!!!!

    I am also considering moving to AZ, closer to phoenix, I think. What is the process for transferring my nsg license? Thanks! rnmom
  11. rnmom3153

    Waiting for the phone to ring!!

    Oh. Thumper, Bless your heart! My prayers are with you all! I'm also waiting for "PHONE CALLS"!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. rnmom3153

    verbal discipline and retalliation...(a little vent)

    :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: I have been following this thread with great interest. I, too have dealt with more than my share of abusive CNA'S especially in LTC settings. The problem I've found and been told is that CNA's are the "most important " part of a LTC team, since they do so much of the actual physical care. A former DON (of mine) actually told me this...so they tend to overlook a lot of what goes on. I've seen it all to the point of residents being treated like a major annoyance and handled rudely and roughly. It made me sick! I've also had to stop more than 1 CNA from using cell phones WHILE PROVIDING ACTUAL HANDS ON CARE TO A/O RESIDENTS USING AN EARPIECE TO KEEP HANDS FREE! The CNA'S ruled the floor and got away with it! Lazy, hiding, leaving floor or facility with telling me. I've seen it all! Not to mention the way I've seen residents treated! As I was following this thread, I couldn't help but admire the way you handled this situation and the excellent feedback you've rec'd. What compelled me to post is hearing all that you're going through and the courage you've shown in sticking to your guns and not backing down. :flowersfo :yelclap: :bowingpur :thankya: Another poster made mention of the fact that we nurses : QUOTE- It is about time we as nurses band together and come as a group to support each other. I couldn't agree more! We'd be such a strong voice. I also hope you'll return to work and see this through. IF THAT IS IN YOUR BEST INTEREST, OF COURSE. You need to take care of yourself. I'm proud of you and you inspire me to be more of a voice for our patients. I pride myself on being a patient advocate, but I think I could have done so much more! rnmom
  13. rnmom3153


    :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: :yeahthat: WOW! Talk about deja vu...what happened!?!? I fought these battles 25-30 years ago trying to institute "family centered birthing" in my hospital! I also taught Lamaze and was certified by the national organization...ASPO (???) I think that was it. American Society For Psychoprophylactics in Obstetrics. Yeah, something like that. It's rough getting old!!! :) :smackingf We came such a long way that I can't believe it's swung back so far to epidurals & lithotomy! I gave birth at the same hospital where I worked in L&D & NBN as well as mother/baby when that developed. Mostly L&D. I was a big proponent of breastfeeding as well & helped a lot of moms get started. Anyone remember the battles with NBN over giving nursing babies sugar water???? WOW! Anyway, I labored in every position imaginable and pushed sqatting, sitting on toilet(also good for laboring), all 4's and gave birth sort of semireclining. I was able to reach down and bring my baby up to me as soon as my ex husband cut the cord. I was a great L&D nurse, and devoted to my pts, even staying over to help them deliver. But I totally focused on my moms (& babies), charting wherever I had to until I could focus on the paperwork. We also got the husband/support person, "coach" involved in her care. YEP, those were the days! As they say, "just my 2 cents"
  14. rnmom3153

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    I hate to sound dumb, but what does "EMDR" stand for. I just don't recognize it! Krissy, how are you doing? Haven't heard from you in a while. I take Trazadone 300 mg hs and have for about 6-7 years. It's very good, although I have other issues related to sleep. Trazadone is the only thing that helps me fall asleep at bedtime. Ironically, I'm able to fall asleep at any other time,( ie while driving, talking etc.), just not a bedtime! Deb, thank you for sharing so honestly! I also attend 12 step meetings and it amazes me to hear how similar our lives are. I also like Louise Hays and read a daily affirmation book or 3 daily! And we're in different parts of the world!! SO COOL!!!! I love David Burns books...Feeling Good...I can remember reading it years ago. I'd love to get ahold of that workbook now. I went thru treatment for depression once and the most important thing I learned was how important it was for me to work on my recovery! The meds do indeed play a small but extremely important role in recovery! Today, I'm not as despondent as I was yesterday...I am however, still in horrible physical pain! I have chronic pain problems and this whole packing & moving ordeal really hurt me bad. Hopefully that will improve with rest! Please keep your prayers, thoughts and responses coming. They mean so much to me and help me to hang on each day! The worst part about anything is the feeling of isolation and aloneness. That'll kill me before anything else! rnmom
  15. rnmom3153

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    Thank you so much for your support & words of comfort. I am of Irish descent, perforated, my parents came over from Ireland. Maybe I should go over there! I took my son to Ireland when he was 5...GREAT TRIP!!! I just found out that this motel charges .50 for every outgoing call. So I may not be able to go online much longer. That's devastating for me. This forum and one other are my support systems. I don't get out much and don't have the energy to do so due to another illness. So this was the only way I could get support. I sure hope I find a way to stay online! This has saved my life! Please keep the thoughts and prayers coming. I'm grateful for every response, it helps me not feel so ALONE!!!! Love & Faith, rnmom
  16. rnmom3153

    Nurses struggling with mental illness

    I've been sitting here trying to put something down on paper and it's been so difficult! My thoughts are running around crazy and nothing much comes out making any sense! I'm just posting to maybe share some of my pain in the hopes of lessening it and maybe getting some ideas of what to do from my peers. I'm so heartsick and becoming so paralyzed from depression that it's scaring me. I've been through the worst period of time that I've ever had. I've been physically ill, suffering from a few chronic conditions that needed attention to be appropriately diagnosed and treated...still doing that. I've been unable to work, then when I could work, I was turned down (after being hired) for a position that I could actually work at. (problems wih transportation...my son ruined my car) I've been completely betrayed and let down by my son. I was just switched from Lexapro to Celexa for insurance purposes. They'll cover one and not the other. Anyway, the end result of all this is that I'm now homeless. I'm so appalled that I ended up in this position. I feel so stupid andd oh I don't know...I'm so mixed up and frightened! I almost want to post this anonymously, because I'm so ashamed. This all resulted despite my best efforts to prevent it! I'm sheltered and safe for the next week, but after that.... :confused: I need prayers and ideas to keep from lettting this depression overwhelm me! Reaching out for help is the one thing I know to do. I don't have a lot of friends...I've pretty much kept to myself and no family. So that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Thanks for any ideas!