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  1. 60sreturn

    Columbia Basin College (CBC) Nursing Program

    Hi Kate, Thanks so much for getting back to me. I do appreciate your response. Currently, my education is on hold, but in the meantime, I plan to study for the TEAS V again...sigh... Jeanie
  2. 60sreturn

    Columbia Basin College (CBC) Nursing Program

    Hi Kate, If she doesn't mind answering the questions, ask her what her "Admissions Index Score" was when she applied and how she did on the TEAS V test. Thanks for writing,
  3. 60sreturn

    Anything About Cells on TEAS??

    The first time I took the TEAS 4 just to see what it was like. I got a 67. That night, after dinner, I went through the TEAS study manual and made notes. I wish that I had done that right after taking the test December 30th I will be retaking the TEAS 4 test. I have been studying and have paid to take the TEAS online practice tests. I have also taken some basic math classes to improve my math. Any study ideas that you can I offer, I would be very appreciative, especially in chemistry. I had a terrible chemistry instructor. Stoichiometry made no sense to me at all. My counselor suggested that 80s would be a "nice to see" score on the TEAS. I hope that you did well on your test. :)
  4. 60sreturn

    Help with a few questions

    Most anything can be found on the internet, including your questions. Since I am 61, I would have said that your first question was False. I wasn't sure about the answer to your second questions, so I went to the internet and found the answer, which is False, according to the internet: "test yourself on the myths of aging". http://www.livestrong.com/article/12726-test-yourself-myths-aging/
  5. Are there any students/recent graduates of the nursing program in the Tri-Cities? I'm almost done with my pre-reqs in order to apply for the nursing program. I would be interested in your comments about the TEAS testing, floor training, the program itself, and job availability after graduation. Thanks in advance and I look forward to your comments.
  6. 60sreturn

    Student Ruminations

    Online Interactive TEAS practice tests. Besides the ATI website that allows taking the practice test twice/$35, are there any other helpful sites?