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  1. NelleG

    I hate being a nurse

    I also hate nursing. I hate it with every fiber in my soul right now. I’ve been at it for seven years, six years away from being eligible to retire. Of course I won’t be able to afford to retire, that’s a pipe dream I can’t even entertain. I’m on my fifth job in seven years. I’ve moved with the hopes of finding a better environment. Whoever posted earlier about the toxicity hit the nail on the head. It’s everywhere. Lousy management is also everywhere, especially bad at my current hospital. Every day I beat up the job boards looking for something less miserable, knowing it doesn’t really exist.
  2. NelleG

    Newly hired New to hospice

    "Unfortunately the reality is hospice is taking a huge toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally. I love my patients and families, even the feisty ones.. Love working autonomously and my IDT. The core problem is the hours and conditions" this is what worries me about taking a position with Hospice. In the hospital setting I am pretty much guaranteed to leave on time. I should just look for a new postion within the hospital.
  3. many people do not want to take responsibility for their health. They just want a pill/procedure to fix the mess they made.
  4. NelleG

    Home Hospice

    I am with a parent who is at home on Hospice. Is it legal/ethical/moral/ok? for me to push IV meds? I would rather do IV than watch him struggle with PO. I do have a nursing license in the state he resides, if that matters.
  5. The VA nearest me is in another state, yet only 30 minutes from home. I have an interview coming up eventually. Does the health insurance that is offered depend on where you work or where you live? I don't know how much it matters, trying to do some research online to decide if I even want to leave my hospital.
  6. NelleG


    anyone who hates their size 38 or 39 Danskos should just send them to me. I'm happy to help :)
  7. NelleG

    Interview for Ortho Unit this week

    so how was the interview? did you get the job?
  8. NelleG

    Any Jewish nurses?

    member of the Tribe.
  9. NelleG

    How old were you when you started Nursing School?

    47. graduated @ 49. Oldest classmate was 60. You're starting awful early if you ask me
  10. NelleG

    Being a patient where you work

    has anyone ever been a patient on the hospital unit where you work? It's a real possibility for me in the future and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I tend to be a rather private person and I have some medical history that I am not comfortable sharing with my coworkers. I could always not tell my complete history but that's not in my best interest. Anyhow, just looking to see how others have dealt with this before.
  11. NelleG

    LNA Job Market in NH

    it is easier to find a job when you have a job, so take what comes your way and keep looking for what you want.
  12. NelleG

    Nursing as a 2nd career

    I'm trying to figure out how you would go to nursing school while you work full-time M-F.
  13. NelleG

    Should I become an lpn first or just go for ASN?

    check your state requirements. You may be able to be licensed as an LPN after 2 semesters of your RN program.
  14. NelleG

    Is it possible to become an LNA...

    Julie, Here's the link for the license information: NH BON. Scroll down to where it says "Initial LNA license application by competency evaluation and comparable education" D/L and print that form. You'll do the middle section of it if you have finished the Fundamentals semester of the RN program. There is a section where you have to have your signature notarized, and you have to make an appointment with the State Police to be finger printed. They won't start processing your application until they have the prints from the State Police. I'm doing my finger prints next week and wish I had started this a month ago! Oh, and be prepared to write a lot of checks along the way. HTH