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  1. redheadnurse1990

    Moving to Lewes, Delaware How is Beebe Hospital to work for.

    Thanks for all your information.
  2. Hello, I will be moving to the area of Lewes in June. If anyone knows anything about the hospitals in that area I would love to hear from you. Thanks alot.
  3. redheadnurse1990

    St Pauls School of Nursing 2010 Acceptance

    Hi, I find kara1582 post ABSOLUTELY BULL****. I went to that school. One hand had no idea what the other hand was doing. They were constantly trying to pull things over on the students until they would get caught and then would play stupid. The NCLEX pass rate was NOT 100% and NO ONE came to our school to recruit us. Most of my classmates still don't have a job. They don't help you find employment (they can't even find teachers for themselves) nor do they have a good reputation.
  4. redheadnurse1990

    St Pauls School of Nursing 2010 Acceptance

    JC2372 I graduated from St. Paul's school already but I will get some advice. Get a couple of people that you are comfortable with to study. Get a recorder so you can tape the class. Some of the questions come from what they say not just the ppt. Read the chapters that they are covering BEFORE the lecture. Know your physiology of the disease. The most important thing I can tell you is...So your teachers you care and want to learn. IF you DO NOT understand something DON'T wait go see your teacher to explain it to you again. GOOD LUCK AND STUDY STUDY STUDY.
  5. redheadnurse1990

    St Pauls School of Nursing 2010 Acceptance

    I understand that you are scared to go to SPSON, but it would be horrible for you to be in your second semester and they have to shut down then you are out completely. If they are having a hard time hiring staff to TEACH you that right there is a BAD SIGN. Another bad sign is that the State is coming to check them out because of numerous complaints. Ask yourself this....would teachers that have been there for years start jumping ship? It was a thriving school now it seems as though a few bad management choices will be there downfall. My suggestion is to call the state and ask about the school, but it seems as though new acceptance is just another dollar sign to them considering that don't have the staff to justify the amount of people they are taking per semester. You have some teachers that are teaching several classes because they can't fill the spot. Now ask yourself with the teachers being overworked or they giving you "quality" in class.
  6. redheadnurse1990

    St. Paul's School of Nursing - Fall 2010 Acceptance

    Do yourself a favor and talk to the students enrolled there now and ask about the school itself. Not just the admin staff who will paint a rosy picture.
  7. redheadnurse1990

    St Pauls School of Nursing 2010 Acceptance

    Listen to 2bnurse she knows EXACTLY what she is talking about. I think she also took it a little easy on the school compared to what she could of said. I'm can't see into the future but if I could I would see the doors closing on that place very soon.
  8. redheadnurse1990

    RN new graduate finding jobs in new york

    I have heard the same thing about things turning around in January. It is disheartening when you finally finished school and now can't get an interview let alone a job. I finally applied for my NJ license. I hope that will help but who knows.