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wanttomovetoaustin's Latest Activity

  1. wanttomovetoaustin

    Midwestern State University online PMHNP program

    Can anyone shed some light on what is going on with this program? I am interested in going to this program due to the online format.
  2. wanttomovetoaustin

    EP lab nurses: where are you?

    Come to Dallas and work in EP;)
  3. wanttomovetoaustin

    RN jobs near Spearfish/Rapid City

    My wife is from that area and we are considering moving there. I am wondering what the job conditions are like. Driving around there, it looks as though Rapid City has the only larger size hospitals. Does anyone know the general pay scale and working conditions? i.e.: able to work overtime, etc. I have 12 years of experience (ICU, etc).

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