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RainRN1 is a ASN, RN and specializes in LTC.

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  1. RainRN1

    failed the nclex 4 times!!! need help/motivation

    I bought nclex 4000 when I was taking the nclex for the 2d time, and just kept answering questions it is what helped me the most. Its not so much the content its the way the questions are worded and this nclex 4000 mocks the nclex questions. I knew the information but the questions are tricky and that was before they changed it to "answer all that apply" questions, I had them but they were not the bulk yet.
  2. RainRN1

    New ADON feeling inadequate

    I have been in LTC since 1991 started out as an aide, LPN, and have been an RN since 2010. I have been head of MDS department since 1998. I recently took an ADON position, I absolutely love my new job and the people I work with right along with the ancillary departments. However I feel like I am not doing enough to help the DON. She says I am fine but after all of these years in LTC I can honestly say I have never felt so inadequate at my job. I did not get much training which is alright. Can someone give me some ideas of what you expect of your ADON ?? Mine says I am doing fine but I really want to do a good job for her, she is a great DON. Thank You
  3. RainRN1

    New to Home Health

    Thank You very much for yur reply's I have been trying to get ahold of clients the day before also but I am finding the office changes my schedule on a daily basis which for a new HH nurse is hard to keep up with. But it is getting somewhat better. I also work as assistant to one of the supervisor 20 hours a week in the office and that half day is a real challenge. Thanks again Raine:)