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  1. Tamimac

    About to start CNA training!

    I'm a former elementary teacher- things went sour for me so I sought a "new field". My advice is to take it with the right attitude and stay motivated. What I mean is the job duties are not easy- they may seem easy until you actually have to do them on a patient/client. Realize that your job status is not sealed or solid unless you get into an assisted living facilty, LTC, or work as a hospital aide. For example, working for home health agencies requires understanding the flexible need/functioning of in-home care. I work for 2 homehealth agencies and am considering 2 more. Lastly, take your studies, exams, and skills/clinicals seriously because no one likes to fail either one of their CNA exams. Finally, online utube videos helped me to pass my skills exam the first time! Just type in "need help with CNA skills training on videos". I truly wish you the very best!!!
  2. Tamimac

    Am I going to be in trouble, I accpted a gift

    SHOCKER!!! Not at all. BUT this might be... I accepted a "gas" gift card from the DON who is also the "Agency Director" and the following week- she gave me $10. for "gas" in a thankyou card (with scripture quotes in it) for filling-in on an OFF day! Maybe because she KNOWS I drive 77 miles RT to work when I prefered a case closer to home?? Side note- I can hardly afford to pay my bills so I really did need the money for fuel. On a positive note, "this Agency job" I have is an ANSWER to PRAYERS! *PTL*
  3. Hi! Do CNA's get paid more than HHA's? I am just starting out as a new CNA, and wonder why many agencies say we start @ __$? And never tell you what the going CNA pay rate really is? How do you get them to differentiate pay rates discreetly? Very few came out and told me we start CNA's at __$. MY CONCERN is that I may end up with the same pay as the HHA or companion worker!!! Please advise. Thanks!!!
  4. WELL... Let me say it depends on the case/client (Ok) I will share my stuff and my duties and hope it helps you out... 1- Gloves, 2- Hand Sanitizer (*Not better than Antibacterial soap), 3- Watch, 4- Cell Phone, 5- CPR/First Aid Cards, 6- A zip-up school binder with inner folder pockets for my timesheets, care plan, memo pads, clip-board, mapquests to docs, etc. 7- SCRUBS, 8- marker and black ink pens, 9- Extra socks, and 10- *First aid kit always handy. (My BP cuff and Steth not needed as yet) My Duties: general housekeeping, clean bathroom/kitchen as needed, shower/shampoo and dress assist, transfer and ambulation assist, assist to bathroom (needs no help toileting) laundry, dishes, maintain clean floors as needed, meal prep, med reminders, take to doc appts. and grocery store, go out for walks, take to community center 2x week, paper and mail reading upon request, answer phones, and provide support and companionship. *Not on care plan- temp, p, bp, resp- but the nurse comes in and does this sometimes.
  5. Tamimac

    I gather 46 is too old to be a CNA

    NO WAY!!!!! I am 47 and a NEW CNA- I work for an agency, which I prefer due to my age and well-being. I am pretty fit and strong for my age BUT after reading the bun-burning, sweat dripping, marathon races younger cna's put up with at LTC's- I realized I'd be wiped out my 1st day. HA! Know yourself and know your limits! All the best!
  6. Tamimac

    What was your 1st day of (non-orientation) CNA work like?

    My First Day: I work at an Agency and got a client 32 hours per week. I started on a Saturday 10-6 and wanted to do my best to impress! The lady I work for lives alone. I followed the Care Plan which included swiffer/mop/dust hardwood floors- dining room, living room, and extended hallway and vacuuming 3 rooms. I got the entire floor plan covered-done! My arms were almost too sore to ambulate the lady around the block! Ha! Of course, I plan to lighten up- but the family noticed it!!! Also, I do shampoo/shower the little lady too, etc... It turned out great for me because my DON said I did a "great job" and gave me a big hug! And, yes- they both thank me often- usually every day!!
  7. Tamimac

    Anyone done a Hybrid CNA class?

    YES! I took a one-day crash course titled CNA_NOW! The website is www.cnanow.org The one thing you should know is you get no certificate of completion. They do provide the study guide for skills, a dvd, and a copy of a written test. Check out www.pearsonvue.org or www.Minnay.com *I learned the skills and became a CNA by passing the exams- I got hired as a new CNA in 10 days! *IF you're on the State Registry they can't argue with that. All the Best to you!!! Note: I also found great skills videos and can connect you with the link if needed.
  8. Tamimac

    lost in charlotte,,help,,lol

    Not sure what you asking? Try these jobsites: www.healthcarejobsite.com www.GetCNAJobs.com I'm near Raleigh and the CNA pay averages $10.00 where you are it was posted at $13.00+ $ Good Luck!
  9. Tamimac

    New Grad RN no job thinking of being a CNA

    SOLUTION- "NEW RN"!!! This site has been extremely helpful in my job search as a new cna- GOOD NEWS- it's for NURSES too. PLEASE try it out- it will post you jobs available direct to your inbox! www.healthcare.jobsite.com For CNA's Solution: www.GetCNAJobs.com You WILL find something on the "healthcare site"! Seek and you shall find. All the best!
  10. Tamimac

    Whats with the beyond horrible pay? :(

    hmmm? good question... I am NOT saying you should negotiate unless you do have 2 years experience in the "caregiver" field. a) Just ask- I heard other agencies start CNA's at $9.00- is that possible for me? b) IF you don't feel comfortable asking- don't. Just take it- and ask if you are on for awhile will it go up. BUT the pay rate should not be the same for a CNA as an HHA (That's the real question here) Consider taking the job- took me months to get mine.
  11. Tamimac

    CNA in GA..got a question?

    Let me know if you will take the exam- I know a terrific Youtube video on skills AND it is true- when you take the skills test- go by the book (procedures) And www.pearsonvue.org posts written tests. And an affordable cna test coach is found at www.cna-test-coach.com/cna-studyguide AND check out more state study guides at www.prometric.com >look it over carefully there is a test to print up. AND nursing assistant curriculum and powerpoints for review at www.ncdhhs.gov (try your state) Lastly, www.minnay.com *Go for it!
  12. Tamimac

    New CNA no experience staffing agency?

    Forgot to mention- ASK if they hire NEW CNA's first- before applying at an agency. Thats' what I did.
  13. Tamimac

    New CNA no experience staffing agency?

    YES! YES! YES! I'm a "new cna" and I just got hired at one. Except I did have prior experience as HHA and Respite Care worker. Note, seriously- emphasize any experience or skills that you do have in the field- and use CNA terminology; assist with DLS, ambulation, bedbaths, toileting, etc. RELY on solid references too! Good luck!
  14. Tamimac

    FINALLY! The Light at the End of the Tunnel!

    WOW! Bless you for your perserverance! IT PAID OFF! I was in a similar boat- applying for a HHA/PCA/RESPITE care all summer with no luck. So I took a CNA challenge course and passed exams and became a CNA- within 10 days I got hired at an Agency! It's truly a miracle- so I got interviewed one day and hired the next. All the best to you- let's keep others posted on how it goes.
  15. Tamimac

    LTCF or Home Health? I'm in a quandary...

    PLEASE take time to READ what others say about LTC facilities! I just got hired at an Agency and am so relieved AFTER reading their posts- working no-stop, sweating, striving to stick to routines/schedules, tend to assigned residents personal care, and feeling wiped out at the end of day/shift. Seriously, I would have to say it is a "Fitness and Age" issue on where you choose to work. I am middle aged and somewhat fit- have more upper body strength than lower and not the strongest back. So HH Agency was a WISE choice for me, and more so cause I am a new CNA. Choose wisely! Good Luck!