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  1. lolothecaggie

    Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

    hopeful thanks for responding.... i just joined this site but if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't have found as much information. I did visit the campus and I have to be honest, It is ALOT nicer than I expected. Granted I've been in Florida for a few years (but originally a Texan so not that much difference except for more snow and tornadoes in OK) but I didn't expect the campus to be so nice. I got the tour, met with financial aid and someone whom I guess should remain nameless on this site from the nursing faculty. Very informative and I am so excited now! I found out that I do not have to take nutrition since I already took it for a pre req for another school so hopefully that will give me more time my first semester with the other classes and learning how to prepare for nursing classes. Thank you again you have been so helpful... If anyone has any other comments or concerns about the program I would greatly appreciate it. I do look forward to attending there in the spring and I CAN NOT WAIT! Thanks again guys for listening :)... and I guess also If anyone has any inputs on where to live.... I would love to know. I visited the on campus housing and thinking about centennial? not so sure we will see. I'm just afraid of picking an apartment off campus in the wrong area.
  2. lolothecaggie

    Oklahoma City University's Fall 2010 Acceptance?

    hi hopeful... i don't know if you will see this post because your last post was in julyish... but I too plan on attending okcu this spring semester in the accelerated program. I'm actually visiting the campus this thursday so that I can get some questions answered. I am curious about the scholarships. Did you get one? and I saw one scholarship that would pay tuition but you had to commit to working a hospital in Ok for 2 years. Do you know anything more about that. Also.... how are classes going? Is there anything different about the program that you didn't expect?
  3. lolothecaggie

    OKCU Spring '11 acceptance?

    Hi guys... I was just curious if there was anyone else out there who got accepted in the spring 2011 nursing program ? I have been reading other blogs about what people thought of the school, the professors, and of course the private tuition. I just kinda wanted to hear what others have been accepted and what they plan on doing. I live in Florida currently and actually plan on visiting the campus in less than 2 weeks just to get more of an idea about the school. So is there anyone else out there ??????