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  1. Bethany123

    CRNA interview with NICU experience

    I havent applied anywhere, I'm still going back and forth between crna and nnp. CRNA is what ive always wanted to do, but it would involve dragging the husband and kids out of state vs being able to stay here and do nnp. Im only in a level 3 nicu (5 years exp) right now, but in August im going to apply to the local new to specialty level 4 program. I have been trying to get into adult icus for the last 2 years and i get interviews, but as soon as I start talking babies their eyes just glaze over.
  2. Bethany123

    Trying to switch to ICU

    I have 5 years of NICU experience and have been going on interviews for new to specialty icu positions. I really want to switch to adult icu. Lots of interviews but no offers. When they start asking me about my most critical patient and I start talking babies, their eyes just glaze over. I went straight into nicu as a new grad and im wondering if the no adult experience is killing me. The next round of new to specialty positions opens next august. Im wondering if working per diem on a ortho/spine/neuro floor until then would help? Or what should i do?
  3. Bethany123

    Survey to support breastfeeding teen moms

    I was always planning on breastfeeding, but it ended up being a lot harder than I expected. My daughter was preterm so couldn't suck hard enough to nurse by herself. The nurse had me pump and then "finger feed" the milk while my daughter was latched on. It was the most confusing and difficult thing to do at three o'clock in the morning! The nurses were very patient and supportive at helping me get her latched on and then dealing with getting the tube in while trying to keep her awake. After we left the hospital, I had an appointment with a lactation consultant once a week, which was amazing for moral support if nothing else. I literally would break down crying because I couldn't feed my baby and she encouraged me and let me know that it was all going ok. My daughter officially began nursing by herself when she was 11 weeks old (16 weeks gestational age) and I just weaned her, at 13 months old.
  4. Bethany123

    Survey to support breastfeeding teen moms

    I know this doesn't really answer your questions, because I am not a nurse that worked with teen moms. But speaking as a teen mom, the support I received from the nursing staff where my daughter was born was the only reason I was able to breastfeed her. It made all the difference in the world for me.