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  1. Hi all! I'll (hopefully) graduate with my BSN in June, 2011, I was told in Dayton, Ohio that I would not be able to even TAKE the NCLEX till August. I've heard the job market in my area is not so promising, I'm willing to go anywhere in America. So my question is: When should I start talking to employers if I won't be eligible to even work till after August? Thanks,
  2. kjhBSNRN

    I need help deciding on my preceptorship!!

    Thanks, so do you think that the fact that I may not get to do a lot of my skills will not hurt??
  3. So we decide in two weeks what we want our preceptorship in, I know many oncology nurses who LOVE their job. I have always wanted to work in oncology, and I love the idea of seeing a patient either get completely better and getting to know them or helping them pass on. However, I'm afraid if I do my preceptorship there that I may lose (or not learn, because we have yet to do much) many of my skills. I don't want to be completely unmarketable when I graduate. So My top 3 choices are Oncology, Burn, Emergency or ANYTHING at the VA. If you have worked in any of these areas or have any advice I'd greatly appreciate it!!