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  1. Gleek

    Final Interview @ Cardinal Santos Medical Center

    what time are you going to take the examination? Does anyone know when will the submission of reqts will end? as well as the exam/interview process... And lastly, has anyone asked the HR regarding the date of training this april? :) TIA
  2. Gleek

    Quezon City General Hospital

    hey! :) thank u for replying.. just got home from submitting my requirements... I already have my schedule for the examination... anyone who knows the exact time of the examination.???? as far as i can remember... there was no time posted.. only the date. which is on dec14...
  3. im very much frustrated now. how can i apply as nsg asstant in slmc qc? i went to their website and i wasnt able to see the nursing assistant post in the career section. anybody who knows the email add of the hr? :) thank u very much.
  4. Gleek

    Quezon City General Hospital

    another question: can i submit my friend's requirements? she wont be around tomorrow but she wants me to pass her requirements.. is that ok?
  5. Gleek

    Quezon City General Hospital

    hello just wanna ask those who passed the reqts... is it okay if i dont have my cert of board rating... i haven't got it yet coz prc said it would be released by december. but i already have my license. & the small piece of paper for proof that i have passed the NLE. and how many xerox copies do they need actually? THANK U VERY MUCH. :) im planning to pass tomorrow morning
  6. Gleek

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    ^ im sorry what's pntp? :)
  7. Hi there, I believe Singapore right now has a lot of job openings for nurses and I heard they are open for fresh graduates. Can anyone help me here, i would like to know the process on how to apply for the singapore nursing boards. I am 21 y/o, fresh graduate and no experience yet. I have BLS-ACLS-ECG certificate and planning to take IVT on November coz i haven't got my license yet. I just passed the recent board exams this July 2010. Replies would be very much appreciated. [And is it okay if I apply for a nursing assistant position before jumping into a nursing position in Singapore?] thanks...
  8. Gleek

    anyone here applied for SLMC-GC???

    Anyone here who has been texted for ancillary nurse position this september? Its like this... Actually, I applied for another position last July 2010 (not as a nurse), I passed the 1st interview then i had the next interview but unfortunately they wont allow me to work there because of my location which is very far from taguig. BUT I ALMOST GOT THE POSITION. The HR said "It was worth a try" A month after, i passed the boards, they texted me that they wanted to forward my papers as Ancillary Nurse post in digestive and liver institute. If ever qualified, they told me that they will be informing me for final interview It has been a month and i havent received any txt msg/call yet. Should i wait longer? Do you think there's still hope for the position??
  9. Gleek

    ancillary nurse in saint lukes qc

    Hi there. They also texted me about this ancillary nurse post in D&L institute. FOR SLCM GC. Anybody who knows how long shall i wait? I received the text msg last Sept 3, no updates til now. Will they be doing batches?
  10. Gleek

    Quirino Memorial Medial Center Application

    hi. i want to ask can i send my resume via email? are they still open for nursing position? :)

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