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  1. Pain Medication addicts

    The patient that is 7 days post-op ( to be discharged in the AM), walking independently down the hall, talking on their cell phones and passing me by talking about "My Dilaudid is due, can you bring it? I'm at a 10/10 pain level." Or the patient who ...
  2. missing narcotic

    Sorry so late to update. The narcotic was found in another medication pod when pharmacy did a recount. I did receive a write up for mishandling a narcotic which I agreed with. I am thankful for the support from everyone. I am striving daily to provid...
  3. IV MED NOT INFUSED - Advice please!

    I work on a med/Surg Neuro and Trauma Unit on Noc shift. It was a Friday night. I received report on a patient at the start of my shift from a Day nurse who had received care of the patient just a couple of hours before the end of Day shift d/t the o...
  4. missing narcotic

    Need some advice and peace of mind, if possible. I just received a call from the Nurse Supervisor of a unit I had floated to last Thursday regarding an MS Contin that I had returned to the Pyxus that night. I had the return witnessed by another RN an...
  5. skilled LTC compared to Hospital

    Worked ltc with rehab unit for 3 yrs. Hoping to get into med/surg. While the types of patients are similar the number of patients differs greatly. Med/Surg here is generally max 6:1 patient to nurse ratio. The ltc I worked at was 33:1 with as many as...
  6. tracheostomy

    Thank you all for your replies. I agree with all of your conclusions and had made some of those myself. I am very proud of my pt. for the progress made. Really motivated to get better and I pray for steady progress so remains motivated. Again thanx...
  7. lost my RN job for a second time

    Here in So. Cal just about every non-acute nursing job I have looked into applying to says "1-3 years acute care experience required" or "strongly preferred". How does one get around this if a person cannot get or keep an acute care position?
  8. CNA impersonating RN

    I have not read all of the comments so please forgive me if someone already suggested this. CA Board of Registered Nursing has a "verify license" optoption on their web page. If it is available in FL, simply enter her name and county she works in. I...
  9. tracheostomy

    The good news is that the trach has since been replaced once since then with no comps. The trach is now capped and a bronchoscopy is scheduled to determine if the ER caused trauma before permanent removal is considered. Pt. has been capped 7 days now...
  10. tracheostomy

    I had asked the PCG (mom) the same question and was told she was in the process of making an appointment. After reviewing the nurse notes, I discovered that the trach had last been changed 11/2014. I started this case as my first in home health in la...
  11. tracheostomy

    I am fairly new in the home health arena. I have a trach pt. who I oriented with an lvn on. The POC says "change trach tube every 30 days". I noticed it had been a couple of months (almost 3) since it had been changed and asked the lvn why not. He re...
  12. patient's making false allegation

    Thanx so much to everyone for your support and advice. I guess this is as good a time as any to go back for my BSN. Would like to specialize in wound care. Wish me luck and happy holidays to you all. God bless.
  13. patient's making false allegation

    Update: So I was brought back in today and told I was cleared of all allegations. I was fired anyway d/t sub-standard work performance. Turns out that the day before my suspension, an m.d. had come in, wrote a bunch of orders and left. The lvn that ...
  14. patient's making false allegation

    I am an RN Supervisor in a LTC facility. I was suspended today for 3 days d/t a resident making a false allegation of abuse against me. The resident claims that I was "rough" with her while repositioning her in bed. I find it troubling that I am bein...
  15. Are most employers hypocrits?

    Thank you everyone for the feedback. I did apply for and am recieving unemployment. Also, I still have my CNA textbook and it does say that a CNA can perform a skin check and report findings. My ex-employer also had a place on the ADL flowsheets for ...