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  1. I'm a little jealous!! I'm so on the fence on taking the course- it was the 2 week clinical component that comes at a prime time for my current job that held ...
  2. Hi there- Thought I'd follow back up on this. I'm leaning towards an online course in Ohio (think ND has one as well) that includes a clinical component. T...
  3. jcrowder

    Sigma Theta Tau Refresher Course

    It looks like you didn't get a response to this from the board....I'm looking into the same course now...did you ever end up taking it? If yes, thoughts? Was it...
  4. jcrowder

    Online Refresher course?

    FYI- this website has a list of refresher courrses by state. http://www.nurse.com/education/refresher.htm Some of the state-based programs offer online l...
  5. jcrowder

    Greenville Tech RN refresher Course

    Thanks for your thoughtful reply! I actually have an active license, so don't legally need to take a class to work. So fortunately won't have those types of ...
  6. jcrowder

    RN Refresher Programs in Virginia

    I've been out of clinical nursing for 10 years and am considering going back- not interested in hospital work....outpatient, home health, etc. I actually just w...
  7. jcrowder

    Inactive rn Need advice

    jankmom- if you re still around all this time (after the original post below)....which refresher class did you end up taking? how was it? was it worth the money...
  8. jcrowder

    Greenville Tech RN refresher Course

    Thanks for the prompt reply! I'm out of state so wouldn't be able to do the clinical component- do you think just the online content review would be useful b...
  9. jcrowder

    Nursing Refresher Course

    Hey JenMitche- if you happen to check back in...do you mind sharing what refresher course you took? I'm looking at several- a couple in my area that include cli...
  10. jcrowder

    Greenville Tech RN refresher Course

    Was wondering if you ended up taking this refresher course and if so how it went??
  11. So, I'm actually looking at those two programs as well as a number of online programs (that don't include a clinical component)....did you decide which program ...