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  1. Grindaholic

    FIU ABSN Spring 2016

    Hello! The deadline for the accelerated option at FIU is coming up July 15, 2015. So we have fall 2014 and winter 2015 left before this deadline.
  2. Grindaholic

    FIU BSN Accelerated Option Program

    Hi, I'm bumping this thread up in case anyone has any new info to share. I've been meaning to follow-up but I was swamped with my summer courses. I'll share when I learn more.
  3. Grindaholic

    FAU ABSN 2015 (Volunteering Necessary)?

    Thank you, KathleenPrice, for your two very helpful tips. Do you know if there is an AP lab on North BC campus? I'll have to check. Thanks again!
  4. Grindaholic

    FAU Accelerated - What did you use to study for the FAU TEAS V?

    Thank you Quendi, you're becoming my FAU insider!
  5. At FAU, the "TEAS V" admission examination consists of 170 questions in a proctored, standardized assessment that evaluates each student on skills in reading, math, science, and English language. For those of you who have been admitted in the accelerated program: What did you use to study? FAU mentions a pre-test study manual, did you use that? Did you take a class? How far in advance did you start to study? Thanks!
  6. Grindaholic

    MDC has a PA program

    EXACTLY! I don't understand how MDC is only offering an Associates. At least they could have tried to make it a Bachelors. It does seem strange.
  7. Grindaholic

    MDC has a PA program

    At MDC this PA program awards an associates. I always thought a PA must have a masters. Please shed some light on this program. Also, how competitive will one be down here in S. Florida if all of the other PA programs in FL award a masters? Since PA is a designation, is that all employers require, regardless of the degree (associates vs. masters) one used to obtain the designation?
  8. Grindaholic

    Attending Multiple Schools Simultaneously?

    With some of these responses, I may do it for more than one semester, as I had originally planned. I'll share my experiences later in a few months. Thanks!
  9. Grindaholic

    Attending Multiple Schools Simultaneously?

    No worries! I did not interpret it as snarkiness. Thanks for you input and sorry for the lack of specifics. For anyone who reads this later on...your financial aid points are actually VERY valid.
  10. Grindaholic

    Attending Multiple Schools Simultaneously?

    Because this is my second bachelors, I'm not on financial aid/loans. If I went this route, it would be two community colleges...both of which are transferable to state universities...and it would be only for one semester. I remembered a guy who did something similar years ago, successfully...and I was toying with the idea because one college has a better/fuller offering of the courses I need.
  11. Have any of you attended multiple schools simultaneously while taking your prereqs? Why did you do this? What were the advantages and disadvantages?
  12. Grindaholic

    What is your degree in other than nursing?

    B.S. in Business Administration and a JD (law degree). .
  13. Very encouraging post! I actually thought that my previous experience in another field would be viewed as valuable. Hope it is seen as you've eloquently and optimistically stated in your post when its time for me to find a position. Thanks.
  14. My sister in law has been at Baptist forever. First she started as an RN with an ADN then had Baptist pay for the rest. She now has an MSN and teaches on the side. But I am in Boca. So travelling to MDC is a bit of a drive. I'm willing to do it, though...if I get accepted into the accelerated ASN at MDC. Every nurse I know: two sisters-in-law, my two best friends and others all say not to waste my time with the Associates because times have changed and there isn't a shortage of qualified nurses down here in S. Florida. In fact, I've been told by several people that preceptorships are a thing of the past, and hospitals don't even want to train new grads. So, that is why I may shy away from the ASN. I still have at least 2 more semesters before I may apply to programs...so I'll see where I stand GPA-wise. And if all the hospitals want a BSN, then I will keep my focus on that. This is how I see it: with SO many applicants down here, not just locals but also transients looking to move to sunny Florida....the applicant pool is overflowing. So the hiring folks that need to weed out hundreds of resumes for that one position will: -weed out those with irrelevant experience in favor of those with relevant/specialized experience, -will weed out new grads in favor of experienced nurses, -will weed out ASNs in favor of BSNs. So, why give an HR person another reason to weed me out? Might as well make myself as marketable as possible.
  15. Grindaholic

    Science in the Summer

    Your post is very helpful. I will weigh all of my commitments and make a smart decision. Down here in S. Florida, the competition to get into a good program is tough, so I want to give myself a chance to get the best grades possible. So thanks for your honest input!
  16. Grindaholic

    Science in the Summer

    Wow. You and I have a few things in common: career change, married, kids, and we're even the same age... This is encouraging. These are 12 weeks both at the same time. So that is what is giving me pause. Thank you so much for responding.

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