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  1. Interesting article

    The Most Hated Son -
  2. Family Nurse Practioner?

    Hello, Quick question: If I become a Family Nurse Practitioner, does that mean that I could potentially work in LTC , hospitals, or school nursing? Thanks!
  3. Rumford Community Hospital

    Wonderful, wonderful nursing staff. Great hospital.
  4. We all have hopes and dreams and that no one should poop on those hopes and dreams. My dream is to become a geriatric nurse. That means LTC. Do I want to work in a hospital? Yes. But I also want experience working in LTC as well. I want to help...
  5. In what order should I take my pre-reqs?

    I'm trying to get into Queensborough CC as a non-degree student...I'm really, really nervous about being able to get into the classes I need.
  6. Hi there. Did you apply to private schools, by any chance? More expensive, but sometimes more lenient. Just wondering.
  7. I'm assuming I should take my pre-reqs in the following order (if possible): Chem. A&P1 A&P2 Micro Biology Statistics Psych Is that a sensible progression? Thanks in advance!