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  1. Hi,

    I was hoping for some guidance on the TNC program. I am currently employed in the VA as an ICU nurse. I recently applied and am waiting to hear back. Anything I should do while I wait? The application has closed. When do you think I will hear back?

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    2. Sasrn10


      Hey, had my interview. Yes, very low key. Last I heard they were checking references, so really hoping for an offer yet.

    3. Sasrn10


      Found out today that when the directors met no additional hires were talked about. I was told that my application will remain in consideration for a year, but feel like after it was looked at and passed on it's fairly unlikely going forward of getting an offer. Still hoping, but remaining cautiously optimistic. I don't know how many times a year positions are available and with applicants constantly applying don't have the best feeling about getting an offer. We will see. Thanks again for all the info you provided. Take care! 

    4. Sasrn10


      Hey, I ended up getting a tentative offer to travel. I am doing all the pre-emp paperwork and they say the next big step is finding out my first assignment. Pretty exciting times and looking forward to learning the location.