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  1. Thank you Milo! When are you taking it?
  2. Well looks like I'll brush up on some of the things you mentioned. This is my 3rd time so needless to say my self confidence is pretty damaged Lol.
  3. Oh ok. That sounds very similar to to the test last year. Was there any Heart questions? Or lung questions?
  4. Awesome Apeles!!!! I'm so scared to take it! I always get a 77! Any tips or things we should really study? I've been studying the Saunders NCLEX book.
  5. Jazberry85

    Davidson County Community LPN to ADN hybrid

    I'm applying AGAIN. I swear I don't feel like I've studied enough. I'm taking it March 29th. How about you?
  6. Thank you!! So do I....it's been a long road of disappointment. So you have to get at least an 82 to even be considered. However PN students from Davidson only need an 80 and can be admitted from what I understand, at least that was last year. They rank the highest score and count like 20-25 down. Last year over 100 students applied. If I could just get my med calculations down I could make it but that NO calculator thing kills me.
  7. I'm in it same situation with 2 young kids. I've applied as well and this is my 3rd attempt. I'm a terrible test taker. 2 of my classmates have completed the program and loved it. As someone who has attempted the test make sure you study Foundations and have your medication calculation down. You won't be given a calculator for the test. The first two times I used my nursing book. This time I'm using Saunders NCLEX book 6th edition.
  8. Jazberry85

    Davidson community college NACE

    Really?? How was it? I take it tomorrow at 12:30.