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  1. DragonflyNurse2B504

    LA Delta Nursing Applicants

    Sbrina, Are you in Louisiana?
  2. DragonflyNurse2B504

    Roll call for LPN students starting in Jan 2012

    911brat: I am in New Orleans, LA and the school is a private (Delta College)
  3. DragonflyNurse2B504

    I feel like a failure!

    Amen to that yshell12! God is truly in control! Things definately happen on his time only! I've been on this 'nursing trek' for several years and I'm finally seeing things start to fall into place so that I can finish school. No amount of stressing has made it happen any sooner. Be blessed!
  4. DragonflyNurse2B504

    Roll call for LPN students starting in Jan 2012

    911brat, Definately keep in touch! I'm even toying with the idea of blogging or vlogging my nursing school adventure (hmmm) I'll let you know! So nice to know that I'm not the only non traditional student out here in cyber world! :)
  5. DragonflyNurse2B504

    Roll call for LPN students starting in Jan 2012

    Deer: I would like that! :) Glad to know that I'm not alone in my quest!
  6. I'm in the NOLA area and I just passed the TABE test for Delta College. I have to take care of my admission fee and financial aid but I will begin in the Jan 2012 class. I'd like to find other LPN students starting @ the same time to keep up with and offer mutual encouragement. I am a non-traditional student (I'll be 38 next month). I decided not to do the Charity LPN or RN program first (was stressing myself out trying to bring up my GPA/prereqs @ Delgado ) and figured by the time I do all of that - I could at least have my LPN behind me and then move on to my BSN. Anyone else in my same/or similar situation?
  7. DragonflyNurse2B504

    LA Delta Nursing Applicants

    Sbrina: I'm not sure how many they accept. I will be starting @ Delta in Jan 2012 (Slidell) and she didn't say there was any sort of cut off number.
  8. DragonflyNurse2B504

    39 and just starting?? Am I crazy?

    Jeannie.... You are not crazy @ all... Like everyone else...I'm along with you. I'm one month shy of my 37th birthday and I actually will be 38 when I'm accepted Fall 2011 to the LPN program. Instead of waiting around to get into the RN program here in New Orleans, I decided to at least be happy and proud that I'm in a program period. Good Luck to you and please keep in touch! ~Erica~