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  1. jmiraRN

    How to NOT stress when a patient has high acuity

    Talk to your preceptor as well as your manager. They want to help you. Med surg is crazy but you will get the hang of it. I actually asked for an extra week of orientation and it helped me lots. I used that week to do everything 100% and she just was there Incase I had a question I couldn’t find the answer to. It gave me more confidence. No shame in asking I promise they don’t mind. Ask ask ask. Don’t feel embarrassed or dumb. Ask her to stand next to you and watch you use equipment. It can be intimidating just to see 10 things hanging. One day I went in the utility room for a little bit and played with the equipment so I could get a hands on feel for how to manipulate it and see how it works.
  2. jmiraRN

    joining Med-Surg after 5 years

    Thank you for replying, your responses are great. Organizing is key! Sometimes between discharges and transfers and admits we go through 10 patients and gotta know everything about all of them, a good brains is very helpful
  3. jmiraRN

    joining Med-Surg after 5 years

    Yes!! I thought for sure I would have lost some of my skills and knowledge but nope it really is like hopping back on that bike! My years of psych have helped me a lot now in med surg, and as far as hospice we do comfort/peaceful transition cares all the time. I can imagine how helpful that hospice experience will be
  4. jmiraRN

    joining Med-Surg after 5 years

    Hi actually not a tough transition. Been doing good. All those years of experience definitely help on the floor. A lot of what We do like assessments and meds and dealing with drs and family members is just like dealing with them on any floor. There are things like equipment or tubes that I have no clue about but I just ask someone who does and have them watch me do it and then I know. I try to jump at opportunities so that I can learn them. I’m not the best IV start but I give it my best and there’s always a couple IV masters on the unit that are more than happy to jump in. With all that said, it is busy busy busy, even crazy busy some days on Med surg because it’s a heavy patient load and just remind yourself you can only do what you can do. Offer help to your aids and fellow nurses when you can because a team is integral
  5. jmiraRN

    joining Med-Surg after 5 years

    Hi AN friends, Looking for tips and tricks, and recs for study tools or courses to help make a smooth transition into medsurg. I am making the switch to Med-surg 5 years now into my career as an RN. I worked as a CNA as a float, and then once an RN I went straight into acute psych. My most recent job took lots of patients with chronic medical issues, medical detoxers, pts with IVs, and even PPN and straight cath when needed. it wasnt every day but usually at least 1 with an IV. I have had the urge and desire for a bit now to make the leap back into medical patients. I want to grow and change and utilize myself in different ways. I also am somewhat burned out on psych. Theres only so many times one can be hit, called a Fu#&ing Bi&@h, and get threatened to be killed before it gets old. Long story short I always admired Med Surg nursing, to me thats the heart of nursing. MedSurg nurses are rugged and do it all, and I chose the medsurg position over both neuro and oncology becuase this is where I feel I am being pulled at this time. and Im EXCITED about it. I want to be as prepared as possible on the floor and do my best. just looking for some good advice to help me prepare best. Thanks!!
  6. jmiraRN

    Army Nurse Killed in Afghanistan

    Truly a hero from many aspects. May he rest in peace
  7. jmiraRN

    Everest College Ontario RN program

    No I haven't but I'll start keeping my eye open :) Yeah send an e-mail to touch base, it can't hurt. And try to get some letters of recommendation for your interview it can def. help
  8. jmiraRN

    Everest College Ontario RN program

    I feel your pain. My interview was about 8 weeks after my test. You should shoot an e-mail to them if it'll make you feel better, I know I did lol
  9. jmiraRN

    It's Official: We Can Speak Up

    KUDOS!!!! What a nurse should be :)
  10. jmiraRN

    Lupus (SLE) and Nursing

    Hello all, Looking for a little advice here. Im currently a nursing student (RN) and I also have Lupus (SLE). Everything is under control and I have even been off all Lupus related meds for 2 years now. Every now and then I do go through the phases where I hit max capacity and know to slow down a bit, but for the most part I have no issues and tons of energy. My question here is, well not really a question. I would just like to hear any advice anybody can offer regarding how they manage their Lupus with their nursing career, and what precautions (if any) they take to help their personal situation. Please feel free to offer tips if you may not have lupus but know someone who does (patient, friend, relative, etcetera)
  11. jmiraRN

    West Coast University BSN program

    I personally wouldnt spend the money. It starts at 126k and doesnt even include books. If you are in a hurry I would try applying for Everest Ontario's RN(ADN) program. There is no waiting list. But its harder to get accepted. They only have 40 open slots and appx 1200 applicants each semester, so competition is fierce. From there u can go RN to BSN at either UOP or a CSU if they take ur classes (some do). Or just stick with the CC route. I wouldnt recommend anyone to start out their career in such mounds of debt. Good luck in whatever choice you do make tho!!
  12. And to think it was a healthcare worker who did this to them, someone who helps save people's lives for a living. He deserves a lot more punishment than he has received. Its morbidly disturbing that the photo was ever captured, let alone uploaded and shared. No, none of this is Facebook's fault and its nearly impossible to regulate such things. When this is all said and done I just hope the family can put it all in the past and remember their daughter for who she was, not the disturbing aftermath of her sad death
  13. I think that this goes for other careers too, not just nursing. It doesnt matter if you were CEO of a company before coming to nursing, its a new career and you gotta learn it starting from scratch. If the particular student thinks certain aspects of nursing are beneath him well then he should quit his program now. He seems to be on his high horse and that certainly isnt going to get him very far. Nursing is about caring for the patient no matter how "beneath him" the task is. Its students like him that give the rest of us students a bad rap. I value my instructors and hang on to what they have to say, they have the experience and we need to learn from them!
  14. Really is a sad story. These people are so brave to continue working day in and day out despite all that is going on. I applaud them tremendously