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  1. supergirl89

    My take on the should I become a LPN/LVN first

    You guys are all so amazing! Well as for myself I chose the lvn route because I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with myself. I knew I wanted to help people. I also needed to help my family financially. My family is b/w a rock and a hard place and I wanna be there to help them out of it while being able to help myself at the same time. Starting as a lvn would leave me a skip and a hop from RN and I know that I can go and get it on my own time. I have 14 more weeks to go before all that hard work will finally pay off!
  2. Hey mi vida loca, you inspire me and I have been where you were a many a time. I've sort of gotten caught up in the school drama( and it's been some drama) and have lost focus. Hearing you lets me know that I'm not the only one who's done that and it feels great but heck, life happens. To you satyadhi I agree with all the OP'S don't give up if you are close to the end. You never know, you could get a job after school and shine on the clinical floor and I believe that your skills are there and always have been you just gotta be confident enough to perform them. You can do it an don't give up!
  3. supergirl89

    I think I can ,I think I can't

    Thank you Anne36 and prisxoxo for your kind words. It means more than you know to me. Ya know nearly all of the "best" in my group originally failed from another program and are back in full force to bring up their damaged egos. And you're right, I do need to communicate my feelings to attempt to put a stop to this nonsense.
  4. supergirl89

    I think I can ,I think I can't

    Hello everyone, I'm new to allnurses. Just signed up today! I'm a student and I thought what I wanted to be was a nurse but I'm not sure. Here's the story: Before I started nursing school I was very much like a person who kept to themselves. I live in a small area where everybody knows everybody else and it's like if you're labeled one way since the time you were a wee lil un you're still known as that no matter what you do. Because I am shy ppl labeled me as how shall i say "a little slow". It hurt and still hurts. I decided to become a nurse after recent tragedies in my family and to try to lose my label. Weeeeellllll long story short I plowed into the books studying for the entrance exam for nursing school and lo and behold I got in on my first try(out of the 5-600 ppl that had applied) I was ecstatic only to come to find out that some old acquantices had made their way into the program as well. With that I was doomed from the start because they kept it going that I was "a little" slow not only to other students but to the instructors to boost their egos and gain camaraderie. It was like I had no fresh start and was marked from the beginning. The worst part is that the instructors looked at me in a completely different light. Ever since then all year the teachers have talked to me in baby voices and my peers have looked at me like what the hell are you still doing here after every final. I choke at clinicals a lil bit but I talk with my patients and find out what they really want and need. I love my patients but it's like when I get a preceptor they'll have me do "the little things" and when I jump in and do "the big ppl" things they get stern faced and seem to not want to teach me a dang thing. I do not have the biggest mouth and do not gossip or spread rumors about ppl. I am there to help my peers even when they just watch what I do and go back and tell the instructor, our clinical group, and the entire class how I am progressing. Hell it had gotten so bad that I overheard a couple of instructors with some of our "best" students talking about how sad it was that I didn't know this or that. Very unprofessional and rude. I'm sorry to rant but I was curious to know if I was the only one who went thru this or who is going thru this. Everyone has their faults but to be picked apart by a lil more than half of your class along with the instructors to boot is a bit disheartening.