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  1. Finally on my last class...Capstone. Any advice? I heard there is a project due...what does it is a research paper?
  2. Collaborative healthcare

    Trying to get a jump start on my course project for NR 446. Any sugestions ?
  3. Congrats !!!!:w00t:
  4. Very interesting and liked it alot :)
  5. How did you do with Socio? I am dreading it .
  6. your mesage. Any suggestions for the final project?
  7. Congrats! I am just begginig ...any advice ?
  8. I wil be taking Soc 350 in Jan 2011 ! Can you give me any advise difficult is it ?
  9. Formulating S.M.A.R.T. goal

    need help formulating a smart goal for my class. The topic is how to employ communication technologies to coordinate care for patients.