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    WHC-Relocation Assistance?

    I got the relocation assistance. They give up to $2500 if I remember correctly. They have a specific list of what they will pay for, but I got probably around $1000. You get half after the first week (not really they take longer) and then the other half after 6-12 weeks of working. Its pretty cool that they actually offer this perk though, it really helped a lot.
  2. Thanks dear!! And congrats to you as well!! I had ED as my first choice, but I knew it was a long shot. I interviewed with the ED manager, and he said it was full. I was told I would be put on a med/surg floor. The offer letter was a shock haha. I'm so excited, but so nervous. I know exactly how you feel, I graduated in May as well. I feel like I dont know anything, but all of my friends say they felt exactly the same way. Did you reply to the offer letter? Or do we just sign it when we get there? I wonder what day we take the math test on, I need to review that. Oh man, I'm excited but again so nervous. My friend and I move down Friday, it's all just happening so fast. Again, congrats to everyone! =-) Alex
  3. I just got my offer letter as well... Im in the emergency room and am going out of my mind with excitement. Congrats to all of you, I cant wait to meet everyone!!! =-)
  4. I interviewed with the ED manager- same thing no spaces. Where are they gunna put us all?!? haha I'm not too worried, the nurse recruiter said we were guaranteed spaces. Yesss 0402, keep us posted on that =-)
  5. Ok I think I need one more haha.. by the way does anyone know what unit they are on? Or are we all in the same situation not knowing until orientation?
  6. I know Amanda its crazy, we might even know eachother haha. I'm trying to PM you back but I need another post I believe!!
  7. So from reading your posts here I should make sure I have an up to date flu shot, PPD, and one titer each for MMR and Hep B? Its such a short period of time that we have to get ready for all of this!!
  8. Also thanks everyone for the tips on opening the paperwork, I just finally got it to work. =-)
  9. Diamond- I have no idea what the base pay for PCTs is. Try asking on one of the other threads under DC nurses, because we havent started working yet nad there are nurses on the other ones that already have. If you dont find anything maybe try calling HR? And if worse comes to worse, I can let you know in a few weeks when I start up down there. Amanda- I am also about 15 minutes North of Boston!! Are you going down alone? My best friend from nursing school also got the job. We are taking a place near the hospital- my brother lives in the same complex. Its kinda pricey, but I figure its a normal rent living in the city. I'm so excited, but really nervous too.
  10. Also,I think I remember someone on here saying they had trouble opening up the new hire paperwork. Currently struggling to do it as well !! I downloaded the new adobe thingyyy, and it still wont work. Any tips? =-)
  11. I had heard from somewhere online that they got rid of the 18 month commitment. We have to get to the bottom of this haha. Amanda you are from boston too right? When are you moving down? Also have you found a place yet? The place I am looking at is legit a 5 minute walk to the hospital, and its safe.
  12. It went really well. I got and accepted the job!! Ahhhhh, its all so fast and crazy. I got a really good feel from the hospital and everyone I interviewed with there. I'm excited. Cant wait to meet all of you at orientation! Natchan- Hows the apartment search going? My brother said U street is a safe place to be. I'm looking at a complex called the Cloisters. Its really safe and so close to the hospital.
  13. My brother is a police officer in DC- aka he has the inside scoop on (un)safe locations to live :). If you want, if you come up with a few options or even general areas of DC you are thinking about moving- feel free to post here or message them to me and I can get his opinion on the safety there. Good luck!
  14. I'm interviewing September 24th . I am from Boston as well!!
  15. I heard they got rid of that policy?