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  1. DavidB

    Asking for help

    Thank you KeeperMom for your response and for proving my point in my response. Your response and post reminds me of an old saying: "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining." I would bet money that you are not a nurse but are studying to be one. I hope for the sake of others that your lacking ability to recognize a narrow mind improves before you harm one of your patient that doesn't fit the perfect world you are living in. Take care and study hard.
  2. DavidB

    Asking for help

    Wow KeeperMom, I don't understand why you would "vent" in a forum designed to assist and discuss ideas and/or questions that people have regarding the medical field as a whole. I perceived your post as not helpful and it seemed to come from a place that reflects you as a person. Healthcare, in my opinion, is about providing care and assisting people to get from point A to point B. I have been in the medical field for more than 20 years in way too many capacities to discuss and I am not sure what you do or are planning to do in the medical field. Patients often ask question that they have the answer to but want a professionals viewpoint in order to potentially align there own thoughts, plans or misconceptions. I have taken care of people in the ER who wait 6 hours with a sore throat only to hear the Doctor say what they already knew before the wait; that they have a sore throat. Being available in a forum like this to answer questions, that to you, might be a no brainer or holding someone's hand, and answering a question that might make someone's life easier, is really what NURSING is all about. It is a piece of the pie, of course, but it is Nursing! I am really sad that where ever you are in your life you chose to "vent" about a core concept of nursing on a site called allnurses.com. I wouldn't want you to take care one of my family members. My Mom often asks me medical questions that I know she knows the answer to. Should I get mad at her and vent my opinion to her and say: that is such a stupid question Mom. You already know the answer. I hate when you do that. No, I would never say that. My advice KeeperMom, if you are in the medical field or currently a student trying to move up as an LVN or RN, make a choice now of what type of caregiver you plan on being. If you plan to be the type that is represented in your post, get out now and save the rest of us the negative, non open minded care that is not needed in our (my) community. Being a nurse is not just a 9-5 job. It is a true calling for the good ones. It extends out of the doors of employment and is represented in mentoring new student nurses in order to make them better, just like patients who depend on you much more than you probably realize. Leave the spoon feeding for educators in nursing schools that have a curriculum and plan with an end to a means. Don't bring negative, non careing onto a website that is a resource. You will just cause frustrations for everyone, like the "prejection" or insecurity you have displayed in your post. You should self reflect on your post instead of trying to rebut my perception. Your response insults the 20+ years of my devotion as a Nurse, and I hope you decide which path to take in your career. WE don't need more negative people in our profession. We need caring, considerate caregivers that say "Yes I can" when others like you say "NO!"
  3. Thank you for the kudos. Actually, the price has gone up from $38.500 to around $50.000 +. Without sounding egotistical, the RN Nclex his not a horribly tough exam. It is an exam about the way you think and the decisions you make under certain circumstances. If you have been an LVN for some time, you could probably pass it right now. With that said, there are not many options now a days for LVN-RN if you depend on regular tuition colleges because of waiting lists etc. It is all about getting through whatever RN program you choose. Fixate yourself on the end and only keep the end in mind! I would imagine that Unitek is probably not unique regarding all it's problems. Additionally, it is obvious that the accelerated schools are taking advantage of the void or opening for people like you and I who want to advance in a short period of time; hence the high price tag. Don't think too long, just pick a school and don't look back, NO MATTER WHAT! What you get out of nursing school will be directly what you put into it; it will define the type of RN you will be. I suggest taking an RN Nclex revue such as Hurst Review before you start. This will allow you to separate your journey into two parts; graduating nursing school and passing the Nclex; trust me, no one will tell you this but it is an absolute reality. All the hours spent on ATI tests, Saunders RN review etc, that were supposed to determine Nclex passing ability are in my opinion a waste of time. Focus on what you need to pass school and determine what you need to know for the Nclex and then hit the throttle. Ignore all the negative and all the complainers, they are like bill collectors; they show up just when you have a couple of extra dollars and are feeling like you are on top of the world. Write your full name on a sheet of paper with R.N. on it and paste this everwhere you study and then lock the doors. Hope this helps.
  4. DavidB

    does pearsonvue trick works in california nclex?

    It works in CA 100% of the time!
  5. DavidB


    I am an RN now but did correctional as an LVN. Paid $36 an hour per diem. Did it for 2 years. It's fun at first but it really strips you of your personality and there are never ending games that the inmates play. Huge disease factor including TB, MRSA, Staph etc. Good Luck!
  6. I am a graduate of Lvn to RN at Unitek in Fremont. I would not recommend the program. It is disorganized, poorly run, too many inconsistencies to list. Please do not waste your time or money but if you go there, they will be happy to do it for you. I am a graduate and passed the RN board with my own study which was definitely required.
  7. DavidB

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    It 100% worked. I live in CA and kept checing the BRN until my name showed up. The Pearson trick is awesome.