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    To be a nurse or not to be a nurse?

    I could not relate more to your dilemma! I am 25yo with an almost 3 year old... after a failed relationship, find myself living at home with my family. As each day goes by, I find myself becoming more and more anxious to get somewhere in my life. I spend hours on the computer researching careers and salaries vs. the time and cost of schooling. I find that nursing seems to have the most versitility, advancement options, and "bang for your buck" factor. I have a friend who is an LPN working for a agency making over 60k, with less then a year of schooling and a few years OTJ. I realize this may be a 'results not typical' case, but for me it is truly inspiring. As a previous poster stated, at this point I have a passion for financial stability, more then for nursing itself. However, I have always been quite interested in certain aspects of the job.. I feel the one thing holding me back is the possibility that I will not be able to overcome certain "yuck" factors.. But, on the other hand I have been trying to prep myself for this potential 'leap' by reminding myself that everything that happens to these pts could very well happen to me! It really kind of does change the outlook... I realize I am rambling.. However I wanted to offer a little support and tell you that I am in the same position. Although I am starting CC this week for the first time ever.. and working towards my pre-reqs for the RN program. I am doing the more 'general' classes that I need to do first, that way if something else comes along that does spark my interest, it wont be too much of a set back to have to start from scratch.. Maybe this is something you could do as well? Get your feet wet, so to speak? Either way BEST of luck to you in making a decision.