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  1. Hi Everyone, I graduated from nursing school in May and started my first nursing (and first REAL) job in August. I work on a Med/Surg floor that admits adult and pediatric patients. I've always been a nervous person, but nursing is causing me so much anxiety. Usually, I throw up every morning before work. Most of the time I can't eat those days either. I know it's crazy! I am just so tense and worried all the time (and my peds patients make me extra worried), that i feel physically ill!! And sometimes, my days include crying in the bathroom because I feel so stressed. Most of the nurses on the floor are very nice and all say they understand how I feel, and that with time I will calm down and become more confident. My preceptor is wonderful too! She is very sweet, and always willing to answer my questions. She always tells me that I do a good job and that I do well with charting, starting IVs, etc. I think I put a lot of internal pressure on myself and expect too much. I've been working for 4 weeks and am taking care of three patients on my own, admitting, discharging, sending/receiving from surgery etc. My question to anyone with more experience than me and who has felt the same way is: How long did it take you to calm down some when you first started working? And, do you have any advice for me in how to handle the emotional strain?? Thanks in advance! :)