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    To be a nurse or not to be a nurse?

    Nursing is (to me) one of the most rewarding jobs there is. With a nursing degree there are so many different things you can do. With that being said, nursing school is A LOT of hard work and cost a lot of money. Before you decide to invest a lot of time and money, check at your local hospital and see if they have a mentor or shadowing program. Some hospitals will allow you to follow a nurse for a day or few hours. As a nurse you work a lot of long hours, do things you would never normally think of doing (putting a foley catheter in a male or female patient for example) have people yell at you, get mad at you for not being fast enough, caring enough or just whatever they happen to be mad about that day-you take it all. It sometimes can be a very thankless job. HOWEVER, I LOVE being a NURSE and could not image doing anything else. The bad days usually out weigh the good days, BUT the good days are what makes it all worth doing. Bottom line, be sure it's something you can/want to do first-only you can answer. :)

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