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  1. kstain

    Nurses, I need advice

    will i have enough time to hold a job and go to school at the same time? i was doing research online and everything is telling me that LPN's have "no time" and the best bet is to finish up online
  2. kstain

    Nurses, I need advice

    Okay, i know this may be irrelevant because i am not a nurse yet, but i really have no clue what i'm doing and my guidance counselor is not very helpful at all. I am a junior in high school and my school offers a program where you can go to BOCES CTI and recieve your LPN in two years. That means when i graduate high school and pass the exam, i will be an LPN. Although the school pays for it and all, and it looks good on resume's, i want the whole college experience. I want to go to nursing school and become an RN. I feel like there is no point in completing the LPN course if i'm not going to work as an LPN, because i really don't want to work full time and then get my RN degree online. Like i said, i want the whole college experience. Would it be a better idea to not take the LPN classes & to jump right into getting my RN at a nursing school after high school? Or should i get my LPN, and then continue after high school and get my RN. And if i had my LPN and wanted to become an RN, would it take less time versus having no LPN? I definitely do not want to take online classes after high school...