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  1. future-trauma-queen

    Incredibly sore arm after PPD

    I think I wrote that wrong. It's not like a red streak down my arm, but rather a streak of pain...if that makes sense.
  2. future-trauma-queen

    Incredibly sore arm after PPD

    I had my annual PPD done a little over a week ago at the local health department. I expected the usual itching, but I didn't expect to have a sore stiff arm a week later! The pain starts right above the test site and goes straight down my arm and into my hand (between my thumb and pointer finger). I just fussed and whined about the pain until today. It started really getting worse yesterday but today it hurt so bad I started to get tears in my eyes. It comes and goes in waves, almost like contractions do. It gets really strong and intense and then fades off , and then comes back....so on and so on. So I went back by the health department to ask the nurses there. They had this odd, almost angry look on their face and one poked and rubbed on my arm and said that it wasn't bruised and there was no wheal so it was ok. I told them I know it's not positive, it just hurts really bad, it feels like someone just beat the h*ll out of my arm. The nurse who did the PPD was standing there as well and she just said that the needle doesn't go deep enough to hurt anything. I told her I understood that, and I didn't think they did anything wrong, just my arm hurts REALLY bad. All they had to say was that they insisted that it was not from the test. So they were of NO HELP at all. Anyone know what the heck is going on here? My thumb is just really stiff to move and that streak down my arm where it hurts is driving me INSANE!