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    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    CONGRATS! GOOD luck with the official, but it looks good if you got the 'good-pop up'!

    Testing on 9/11, going for my 2nd attempt

    CONGRATS!!!! I know this day is 'heavy' for many (9/11), kudos for you for testing on such a day! ....Very happy you got the good pop-up!

    According to PVT I passed

    CONGRATS!!!!!! I am sure you passed! GOOD job!!!! getting closer to ----RN!

    Taking NCLEX tomorrow

    Best Wishes & a prayer sent your way~* I know what you mean about your kids having their mom back!!! ----with all the studying and preparation that goes along with this test! (I have three children under 5 yrs, and just passed the NCLEX-RN on the 1st attempt about a week ago).... You can do this super mom-nurse-RN to be!!!

    Today is the Day!

    CONGRATS!!!!! .....I am sure it is 'water under the bridge' now....!!! I did the PVT (good pop-up), mine shut off at 75, I did the Quick Results after 48 hrs (PASS), and I have been an RN for about 1 week now!!!! That PVT is pretty nice, and seems to be pretty accurate from what I have read on here!

    PASS******* (a few words of wisdom)

    great advise! i agree!!!

    PASS******* (a few words of wisdom)

    Hello Again, I really feel for you, and I can see how hard it must be for you to try to find the time to study without any support systems around for you. Do you think that you could take out a loan? You could use the money to pay for daycare or someone to watch your 15 month old? It might be worth it for a month to send your little one to a daycare, so you could study......just another option to try to help you out... The other option would be maybe asking a church? Maybe they have a lower-cost daycare or support groups out there for something like your type of situation.....?

    I'm in Shock!

    CONGRATS FELLOW RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PASS******* (a few words of wisdom)

    One more thing, can you have a friend/sister/brother that could come stay with you for a week or 2? Then, you would still be at home, but they could do the cooking, cleaning, bathing of the kids, and everything else child related? While this is going on, you could just go off into another room to study.......My mother had done this a few times for me during nursing school. It helped out a lot! .....just another thought.....
  10. AMAYA:::ROSE

    PASS******* (a few words of wisdom)

    WOW, well....I am married, and when my husband would come home---about 6pm I would study non-stop until 2am (crazy yes, but this is the way it is with having children)!!!! I would try to study during the day-but, that was really hard to do with the 3 kids! I could do the quick 10 questions -Saunders Quizzes throughout the day- Orange book (DVD), which helped out a lot! To tell you the truth, I really do not know how I crammed 4 yrs of nursing school back into my head. It did make it easier, that I learned the information 'right' the first time. I.e---I read almost all my chapters in ALL my nursing books during nursing school, so I think that may have helped during the re-learning (re-freshing) phase. That evolve workbook that I had talked about was awesome too! .....short and sweet and summed up content well. If I was not sure about something, I googled it to make the concept more clear. I think that if you are a single mother, you 'really' need to have someone watch your children at some point, so you can focus, tune in and study---and study hard. Do you have any friends or family that could help you out? Daycare? I also went through nursing school with 2 children, so maybe I was just used to studying that way. It was the same way.....I would study when my husband came home from work. 6pm-2 am......needless to say, I did not get much sleep, but I was determined to graduate from nursing school, and then conquer the NCLEX! - If you can get help, have someone watch your little ones - maybe daycare, if you cannot find anyone? Preschool, Early on, etc? - Take time for yourself (exercise, do something fun, shop, etc) - Eat right - Get as much rest as you can before the exam....if you can - Pray ;-) * It is very hard to do, with kids----but, it can be done (you do need to study to feel confident, going into the test---or DO NOT RE-TEST yet......) I hope you can find the help, as I can really understand how hard this must be for you! You need to really believe that you can do this, because you did pass nursing school. Just keep going forward, try to get some help with the kids, and then conquer the NCLEX!!!!! I hope this helps! GOOD LUCK----you will be a nurse! Amaya
  11. AMAYA:::ROSE

    PASS******* (a few words of wisdom)

    Hey there, By law, I cannot say, but I did like the NCLEX 4000-CD's plethora of questions- I felt prepared to take the test after the methods I used to study for the NCLEX as posted in my previous thread on here, plus doing many questions from the NCLEX 4000 and others ;-) Good LUCK!
  12. AMAYA:::ROSE

    PASS******* (a few words of wisdom)

    i agree with your post~* -i studied my butt off too, like i was studying like a dr. for the mcat....seriously! i felt the same way you did!......i also told no-one!!!! except my husband only. i have had friends post on face book, that they are taking their state boards and fail....nerves, high expectations or whatnot..... i think you do need to study the way you studied to pass nursing school. use your methods, because you are the one that knows how you study best! for myself, i am a 'super-crammer', but i am a 'learn it all type of person' (i work best under pressure).....this type of studying or preparation is not for everyone but for me!!!!!, but i passed nursing school with a 3.95 gpa, buy doing my methods of studying. also, the test has does not reflect your gpa.....each and every person needs to find out how they learn best and how they can figure out the questions. ( i studied for the nclex for 3 solid weeks + i have 3 children under 5 yrs old...lol) remember: i work best under-pressure: ie. not best study tactics for everyone!!! here is what i did: ---understood hardcore >>mostly went over things i did not know 1st....concepts i was shaky on/ did not grasp totally, then did nclex type questions >> i studied content---made sure i knew every disease/disorder, how to treat, what were the major signs/symptoms--what tests would you do?, learned memorized & understood what every lab value was,what if it increases or decreased (what is the lab used for), learned or re-learned all major set-ups or procedures you would do in a hospital setting, learned all percautions for isolation rooms in a hospital, learned all insulins, all needles to use, learned all about injections, learned all drug calc conversions, meds (i just studied the basics....i learned the ones most talked about in the hosptial and ones that would be most dangerous as being toxic, etc....and what was the toxic level.... )......so-----i really thought to myself, "what if..... there is a question about this in a hospital???......i thought you need to think outside the box-----what if.......!!! also, (google) was my best friend, if i did not know something, a good quick way was to just look it up fast! i still believe hard-core, that if your content in theory is 'strong' you can answer most any question! ....i guess i put it this way, if for instance you do not know what (example) xxxxccceriteremia is, and cannot break down a question, then you are guessing more like 100 % on the questions. if you know the content of the question, you can then pick apart the answers and then decide on what looks best at least 50/50 chance!..... good luck to all!!! oh, here is what i used for main content: short and sweet evolve workbook that breaks down most all disease/disorders/by section i.e (maternity, geriatrics, med/surg) it was a 1 week long, end of bsn/rn program seminar in nursing school, but....the workbook is wonderful (what i used to study content of med/surg etc...): evolve live review workbook: http://www.amazon.com/2008-2009-workbook-evolve-review-nclex-rn/dp/143770171x also this book is a (must-have) for priozitization, delegation (lacharity): http://www.amazon.com/prioritization-delegation-assignment-exercises-examination/dp/0323065708/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=utf8&qid=1283619349&sr=1-1 saunders q & a review for the nclex-rn book/dvd-(orange) book for questions was great for quick 10 question quizzes or loaded exams, nice because you could select content and style of questions! love the 10 question quizzes!!! http://www.amazon.com/saunders-nclex-rn%c3%82%c2%ae-examination-silvestri-nclex-rn/dp/1416048502/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=utf8&qid=1283619568&sr=1-1 kaplan nclex rn 2010-2011 strategies and practice: great book/dvd for strategizing how to pick the best answer! http://www.amazon.com/kaplan-nclex-rn-2010-2011-strategies-practice/dp/1419553445/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=utf8&qid=1283619931&sr=1-1 nclex-rn for dummies: i liked this book because it was simple-straight & forward ----no fluff, definitions, calc conversions, easy reading material! http://www.amazon.com/nclex-rn-dummies-patrick-r-coonan/dp/0471752843/ref=sr_1_1?ie=utf8&s=books&qid=1283620121&sr=8-1 nclex 3,500 - software dvd with 3,500 q! very nice if you like questions!!!!! this is not a book, only software ie. cd/dvd ;-) http://www.amazon.com/nclex-review-3500-springhouse/dp/1582553874/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=utf8&qid=1283620366&sr=1-1 nclex 4,000- dvd with 4,000 q -great if you like lots of questions!!! also, not a book, only software i.e cd/dvd ;-) http://www.amazon.com/nclex-review-4000-software-individual/dp/0781777909 this in a nutshell is everything i did to prepare for the nclex! hope this helps.....i did use all these materials, some more than others, but is all a 'personal choice' i loved them all! i took the test sept 1st, did the pvt trick (got the good-pop up-as soon as i could get to a computer after i took the test and check it), and found out i indeed did ((((pass)))) on sept 3rd!!!!!! study >> way...and like she said, don't tell too many people when you are testing~* lastly pray: i believe in this verse 100%! "i can do all things through christ who strengthens me" philippians 4:13
  13. AMAYA:::ROSE

    Tested Sept 1,8:00 am.When can i do Quick Results?

    CONGRATS! I took mine the same day, and found I passed earlier today too!!!! I hope you get a job soon!!!
  14. AMAYA:::ROSE

    Pearsonvue Trick - Does it Work Every Time? Part 2

    I AM AN RN as of SEPT 3rd, 2010!!!!! PVT trick worked for me! What an awesome tool! I took my test on SEPT 1st 10:00am was out in about an hour with 75 Q! I went straight to an Internet Cafe to check the PVT! IT was the 'good-pop up'!!!! I was SO happy! I checked the 'Quick Result' after 48hrs via the Pearson view website and it said 'PASSED'!!!!!!! SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! PVT rules!....it gives you POM -Peace of Mind ;-) GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!
  15. AMAYA:::ROSE

    September test takers

    Thank-you! I am thrilled! I wish you > success!!!!!