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  1. Aimee280

    Failed The Hesi A2 Exam

    You can test again...but now you need to wait 6 months. I am re testing beginning of october but may not be able to start the program for another year now because of it.
  2. Aimee280

    Really bummed about math score on HESI A2

    Thanks. I actually saw that book too!!! I have to wait 6 weeks in order to re test...which I think is rediculous...and the app stuff has to be in by september 17th, so im going to be considered a late applicant now...and may not be able to get into the program this year...since the woman in admissions at nhti told me that the past 2 yrs they have not been able to look at late applicants. I guess the up side is that if thats the case, then I can take the non nursing courses this year, and just focus on the nursing classes portion next yr or possibly get into the rn program rather than lpn. we shall see. Just mad at myself for not passing the first time. I too used the "blue book" to study...and math was the only subject i studied knowing algebra is not my friend!
  3. Aimee280

    Getting ready to take my HESI...need a little help

    Quizlet was amazing for me. Are you taking the HESI for PN or for RN? I took it for PN and found all of the grammar/vocab/reading comp to be very easy. The math was not as bad as I thought, however I have trouble with ratios, and there were a few really hard fraction questions that I missed so I need to retake as I only scored a 70 in the math after studying 24/7 for over a week...I am bummed...but just read the study guide and you should be ok.
  4. I took my HESI A2 yesterday. Got 90s in all the grammar/vocab/reading comp sections, but as hard as I studied for the math, I only got a score of 70. I am really upset about this as my school requires a 75...so now as far as I know I need to re take the test...but I want to start in January so I have to cross my fingers that theyll still get my results in time! BUMMED!