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  1. Mrsgarvie2006

    2011 LVN Application

    I've been asking the same thing I got a 7.2 and another girl got a 7.4 so I'm hoping its like a 7 to get in wish u luck. I will post when I get my letter:up:
  2. Mrsgarvie2006

    Lonestar Spring LVN program avg. acceptance score

    Hi Kristen89, I attached my immunizations to the application, but I don't think it will count until we are accepted. I'm glad you responded I was starting to think I was the only one lol. Anyway I wish you all the luck. Hopefully, we will meet once we're accepted . I will let you know when I get my letter and I hope you will do the same.
  3. I just took the new Hesi test and it was fairly easy. I have 7.2 points out of 8 and I am nervous that I may not get in the program at Tomball 2011. Are there any lvn students at Tomball or Lonestar that know what the avg acceptance score is I really hope to get in this year. Thanks