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divernurse has 3 years experience and specializes in In-Center Dialysis Nursing.

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  1. I am currently a hemodialysis nurse and interested in nursing informatics but without any IT background. I would like to know if nurse informatics is only for nurses who have degrees in computer science or IT?
  2. divernurse

    CA RN license via endorsement

    To redruby After 2 weeks they reviewed my papers and decided that i am not eligible for california rn. This is because they want me to go back to school because my medical surgical nursing and obstetrics are not concurrent with my clinicals. I have to take those two subjects along with clinical rotation before they approve me. They want the clinical part be taken within a month of the classroom part, which is the curriculum if you study here in the US. Because in my school in the philippines, they made us finish all the classroom part first then a whole year of clinicals. So be aware that even if you have passed the Nclex RN and licensed and practicing in another state doesnt mean you can get a license in california.
  3. divernurse

    CA RN license via endorsement

    would you have any information regarding international graduates? i'm a permanent resident, with illinois rn license, sent in my application on april 15 to california. then april 26 i got a letter from california asking for several additional information, one of which, is for a copy of my old passport and visa when i was still in nursing school, which i can't find anymore.
  4. did you send your application? i'm also hoping to transfer to california but they have a lot of additional requirements for me being an international graduate. i read on one post, it only took him 4 months to get a license from illinois to california.
  5. Any update on your application? I am going through the same thing. Philippine nursing gradutate, RN licensed in illinois, now applying to california but they are asking for my old passport but can't find it anymore. they are even asking me for a copy of my school's academic calendar at the time i was studying in the philippines. Any information is much appreciated.
  6. good day everyone! i am a home health RN seeking help in starting a medical supply business. i have no business background. don't know where and how to start a medical supply business here in schaumburg, illinois or a different suburb of illinois. any help would be greatly appreciated. :redbeathe
  7. divernurse

    new grad rn case manager going rate?

    i will be starting as a case manager in november first! not much of clinical experience though, just home health for a few months. anyway, i will be receiving 20/hour from a home health company in itasca, illinois. prior to that, i went to an interview for another home health company but it's in lincolnwood, illinois and they were offering me 28/hour. i just chose the 20/hour due to its proximity to where i live.
  8. What's a typical day like? Salary? Hours? Or just please share anything about telephonic clinical history taking for insurance companies. :redpinkhe
  9. I think you are right about it being silly to not go into DMS just because of the current job outlook. lol. it's about what I really want to do long term and not regret any day of it. I checked on the ardms.org website and College of Dupage and Harper College are some of the few accredited schools, I just haven't inquired yet about the wait list. I'm just hoping to be able to get in the program and hopefully some of my subjects from my BSN may be credited even if I graduated outside the US. Thanks for the advice happy2learn!
  10. To smilie1, How do you become a Registered Diagnostic Sonographer when you are already a BSN RN? I am very interested in sonography but I'm afraid I might have to spend so much time back in school. Also, is the job outlook in sonography promising here in Illinois? Because I am already having a hard time finding work as an RN right now, so I am thinking of going back to school to learn sonography but I'm afraid after I finish the course, it's back to not finding any work.