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  1. FancyLexRN

    Bryant and Stratton ADN

    Oh great! I'll see you then! Yes it was great, I hope you enjoy yours also!
  2. FancyLexRN

    Bryant and Stratton ADN

    Hello there! I forgot to respond, but I'm doing morning classes. I have fundamentals lab Wed mornings 8.5 hrs, then the lecture portion 2 hrs and 45mins on Thurs, along with intro to nursing for appx an hr and lifespan development for 2hrs and 45mins, then Friday mornings I have microbiology for about 5 hrs. Good luck to you guys in the program, it's rigorous but it can be done
  3. FancyLexRN

    Bryant and Stratton ADN

    Hello, I also am enrolled in their program to start in May! I actually have to head there in the morning for the nursing interview and to get my schedule. I am curious about their credits transferring also, I plan to ask tomorrow when I visit.
  4. FancyLexRN

    college network... I'm doing it

    I agree with your statement. But do you plan to continue on for MSN, after completing BSN through ISU? Will the credits earned from TCN have to be re-earned once you're at the point where you are seeking furthering your education? That's the only concern I have with earning some credits through TCN, the fact that they might not be honored at some institutions later down the road while pursing MSN or higher degrees.
  5. FancyLexRN

    college network... I'm doing it

    I wish you the best with pursuing the BSN through TCN! :) My main concern is with the TCN courses/exams, are those credits (the ones received upon passing the TCN issued courses/exams) transferrable for MSN after completion of the ISU LPN-BSN program all together? I'm just curious as to what value do those courses/credits have in terms of furthering your education, especially because TCN is not an official school or degree granting institution. I am also interested in ISU's LPN-BSN program, I just wish I could use all CLEP/DSST/Excelsior exams to satisfy the general ed requirements.
  6. FancyLexRN

    CURRENTLY in ISU's LPN-BSN program?

    No waiting list. You just have to complete the 7 required prerequisites to apply to the nursing program. Heres a link to the program's summary. http://cms.indstate.edu/health/sites/health.indstate.edu/files/bnc-lpn-bs-program-summary.pdf
  7. FancyLexRN

    Information! ISU LPN to BSN program

    I too live in VA. VA BON recognizes the ISU LPN-BSN program. I am in the process of completing the prereqs (phase I of the program) to start with phase II. I plan to CLEP, DSST, Excelsior, or whatever online course I can take to earn these credits. I work fulltime and am a mom of 3, so its difficult to attend school the old fashioned way. I'd love to get some study buddies if possible Does anyone know if Edukan courses are accepted by ISU? Been trying to research this info.
  8. FancyLexRN

    ISU Lpn-Bs 2015 Csms Teas

    I hope some answers come your way! I'm trying to prepare myself for the ISU program. Did you happen to complete any of the required prerequisite courses online?
  9. FancyLexRN

    Michigan lpn looking to begin at isu

    I'm seeking to start soon too! Have you started? Still debating on doing it through the college network or just doing pre-reqs at my local CC.
  10. FancyLexRN

    VA Hiring Process

    Hi Augustrn1, I am currently in the same position as you were when you posted this, I am now waiting for my final offer. I was told by the recruiter that the salary review was the last component of my hiring process. I too, was interviewed in June and received the tentative offer in August. My VETPRO did take quite some time. I am curious, when exactly did you receive your employment offer? Hopefully you've started working by now! The anxiety of waiting is killing me lol! I just hope there isn't a last minute change of heart for me being chosen for the position.
  11. FancyLexRN

    CLEP exams and Excelsior

    Thank you all for this useful information
  12. FancyLexRN

    CLEP exams and Excelsior

    Hi there Purple Violet, I was wondering if you started to CLEP your pre-reqs for Excelsior? I am looking to do the same, but I too can't get a direct answer from the advisors? I just wanted to know how your experience with CLEP for Excelsior was going? TIA
  13. I'd love to see the phase 2 & 3 as well!! Im also curious as to how you were able to sum this all up? When I contact ISU to see which courses can be tested out and with what specific exams and companies, they tell me a general answer like "Yes, all our courses can be tested out for credit". I'd hate to complete the wrong exam for a specific course, I am in need of all nursing prereqs!
  14. FancyLexRN

    My life as a Correctional Nurse

    Wow, that's inspiring. I am to begin a working as a correctional nurse in a few weeks and was seeking some insight and words of advice, and this is surely reassuring. Thats exactly how I've been feeling prior to reading this just now.... how can I provide nurturing care to people who've wronged so many people in various ways? Rapists, killers, robbers, murderers, etc... And here I stumbled upon your post of your experience and I thank you for sharing. I agree that is important to do what is right without judging the inmates for what they've done. That's what God is for. He's the judge, and also the reason why we are nurses today! Thanks again for sharing your Correctional Nursing experience!!! :hug: