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  1. shinyemerald

    Having your Mother as your Nurse Manager

    I am a CNA/Unit Secretary/Telemetry Technician on the Med/Surg Wing of a local hospital. I have been employed there for 6 months and love it so much that I am applying to nursing school in August. My Mother, who I would say I have a close relations...
  2. shinyemerald

    getting started in w/ nursing career

    Thank you very much for the advice. I really appreciate it. You can take 100 people and ask them this question. 50 of them will say forget LPN school and 50 of them will see they wouldn't have done it any other way. I am not bashing any RN who ...
  3. shinyemerald

    getting started in w/ nursing career

    I am a CNA looking to become a LPN and eventually an RN. I want any info you can give me on different grants, loans, etc that are out there that I may not know about. I would also like to hear your favorite sites to check about regarding nursing and...