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  1. experiencedLVN

    Rowlett,Garland area

    Thank you for the information. I did find a job in garland. I started last week and I believe I am going to enjoy it. Thanks again.
  2. experiencedLVN

    Rowlett,Garland area

    no, I have not tried those, but I will. I interviewed at Senior Care at Lake Pointe last week, I was praying for that position, I spoke to the ADON again and her last word was that she got so many applicants that she is still interviewing.
  3. experiencedLVN

    Rowlett,Garland area

    yes,I want to work in LTC, I have 4 yrs experience in LTC....but at this point I would work anywhere!!
  4. experiencedLVN

    ADN program outside of Dallas?

    Im a LVN looking for a ADN program (also have BA in social sciences), but I do not want to travel into Dallas. I live in Rowlett. Is there a program in the garland, mesquite area....I have recently moved from Louisiana and do not know much about the area. I do know that I refuse to spend all my time in traffic. thanks for any input.
  5. Has anyone taken these certifications programs? Are they worth the cost?
  6. experiencedLVN

    Rowlett,Garland area

    I have recently moved to Rowlett. I have applied for about 20 LVN jobs and have only received one phone call from all of them. I am seeing a over abundance of home health jobs available, I am not at all interested in this area. I do not know a single nurse in this area (having just moved here). Any suggestions? who is hiring??? I am very frustrated. I would accept almost anything at this point.