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  1. Staff Nurse

    will relocate to Montgomery AL and is concerned....

    Try and contact PursuitStaffing. They're very very helpful.
  2. I think It's a must have.
  3. Staff Nurse

    Patients talking politics to me...

    I use that same trick.
  4. Staff Nurse

    There is hope!

    good advice!!!
  5. Staff Nurse

    -How long did it take you to find a job as a new grad?

    OMG!!! it took me 7 or 8 months after I passed boards before I landed a job nursing. It was a agency that I got my first job with. Then I took matters in my own hand and started contracted myself out to hospitals. It was the best thing I ever did.
  6. Staff Nurse

    will relocate to Montgomery AL and is concerned....

    There are penlty of great jobs in AL for nurses. Shouldn"t be too difficult finding one, but if you have trouble let me know, I can get you some of my resources. :)
  7. Staff Nurse

    Got No Job? Come be an RN !

    I totally agree with the last post.
  8. Staff Nurse

    Med Tech License in NC

    NC department of state can best answer that question. Look up the department of state phone number and inquire about their state laws where licensure is concerned.
  9. Staff Nurse

    Why can't I get hired?

    There's tons of jobs in FL, TX, and AL I can email more details.
  10. Staff Nurse

    RN going back to be a medical assistant

    Sorry about your struggles:( I know a whole lot of possibilities, but it's only if your willing to re-locate. Let me know if your interested. Good Luck.
  11. Staff Nurse

    New Grad that just graduated top of class w/ BSN

    Do you have a preference what specialty you work in???