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  1. mikeworksRN

    Is the a free 12 Lead EKG online?

    How to read, yes, I'm looking at how to do. Run the test equipment, where to place the leads, etc.
  2. mikeworksRN

    Is the a free 12 Lead EKG online?

    Hear me out. I recall reading about someone who learned how to build a windmill from a Youtube video and with scraps and determination, brought electricity to his home in Africa (William Kamkwamba on TED talk). So why can't I learn 12 lead EKG from the same source? Does this exist or do I just find something nearby and dig into the piggy bank?
  3. Every time I'm interviewed for a new job they hit me with the tired cliched phrase "tell me how you've gone above and beyond." I do have an answer but it's so "above and beyond" that it may be too much for them as I always see the hiring managers staring at me with a "wat" look. When the Employee of the Month is posted at work it's always about going "above etc" but truthfully I read the entry and it's well, doing your job. So what is really, above and beyond? I care for my patients, listen to their concerns, pick up trash all over the hallways as well as the patient rooms, bathe and provide oral care to my patients because, well, I can't trust it to be done otherwise. But that's average nursing. So what's your answer to the cliche, how would you tell the hiring managers that you're above and beyond the rest?
  4. mikeworksRN


    Family choice, and as we all know, patients and families make ridiculous requests all the time. Your recourse is to accept these people are going to say silly, annoying, and outright insulting things throughout your nursing career. Rarely anymore do I meet actual nice people who are unfortunately ill and appreciative of their care. I'm a white male nurse. What I've come up against most often is the family who wants a female nurse or a Spanish nurse because mama would feel more at ease. They miss out on very good nursing care from yours truly though, as they come out of the room repeatedly asking me where their nurse is. Well she's either visiting her friends in the other unit or having the potluck. Not gloating, but obviously there will be ageism, sexism, racism, any other -ism. You gotta let go of society's pinpricks and accept patients and families are by and large very maladjusted people who only see themselves. If nursing is better than that then I haven't really seen it.
  5. mikeworksRN

    Rejected by Patient

    Agree with the other posters- don't waste any more energy on this- we've all been fired for nothing at some time, also, get a penlight for night shift work. I always used a little mag light from Walmart, maybe about 7 bucks, comes with a nifty holster too. You need to see but you don't need to blast those overhead lights unless there's an issue. Some nurses have a little light they clip to their lapels. I actually got pretty good at working using only the ambient light from the hallway, until I had to spread cream over my patient's back rash, it was due at midnight. Nice patient, always accepted the treatment. I only figured out I was spreading toothpaste over his back when it started to smell of mint in the room. I did seem like that cream was a little thicker this time. So too much light is bad, too little is mistakes.
  6. mikeworksRN

    What is this Jobclick, is it legit?

    I think it's a headhunter business, they called yesterday. Anyone have prior experience? Are they for real?
  7. mikeworksRN

    Okay, why do ER nurses think they're so cool?

    Running up to the room to check if I was telling the truth when I said it was dirty, is a good trick.

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