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EmmyBnurse has 5 years experience and specializes in CCU.

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  1. EmmyBnurse

    Scope of practice in your hospital as an LPN

    It all comes down to BON regulations for the specific state. I have been an LPN in ND and MN. In ND I could do virtually everything RN's do. There are some exceptions of course (certain meds, pulling central lines, etc..), but if they work on a med/surg or step down unit there isn't many differences. Now cross the boarder to MN and I am a glorified CNA. Now I realize when you say that LPN shouldn't be in charge, but I know some LPN's that are much smarter and have many years on these new grad BSN students who strut out of school with a terrible case of RN ego. Your organization was probably looking at those factors rather than the letters behind the nurses name.
  2. EmmyBnurse

    Floor nurse to ER nurse. Help please!

    Sounds like you need to rearrange your idea of time management. Things are paced very differently in the ER and times are not as set in stone as they are on the floor (ex.assessments every 4 hours, vitals every 8). If you have not checked in on an ER patient in 4 hours you need to work on prioritzing as well. ER is a highly specialized area and it will take time to adjust to the new role. Ask lots of questions and openly communicate with your co-workers so they can help you if you are behind. My experience with ER staff is that they are usually great team players, use them.
  3. Hi everyone! Thanks for reading, here is my situation and questions: 27 year old, married with 3 kids. I have already talked to hubby about the possibilty and he is open to it but wants more information. I am just starting to look into everything and I am open to all branches as of right now. I have been an LPN for 5 years and I am graduating with my BSN in December (Major GPA: 3.5, Overall: 3.2). I have 2 years of CCU experience, and over 10 years of progressive healthcare experience (don't know if that matters or not). My questions: 1) How do I get in contact with the actual healthcare recruiters? From reading the forums it seems you need to talk to them to get accurate information. 2) What is all included in the application? Do all branches only review these once a year? (again forum discussion) 3) Based on the above information do you think I have a chance? 4) How long does the whole process usually take, from talking to a recruiter-application-acceptance-start of COT? 5) Should I start now, even if I am to graduate in Dec? 6) Do I have to choose a branch before applying or can you go for all three? 7) I am very committed to getting my MSN, how long do you have to be in the military to begin those programs? Do you have to be a certain rank? Or can you start right away? 8) Will I get credit for my 5 years of LPN experience or am I considered a green nurse? I appreciate any answers you have time to give.

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