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  1. GMHarmony

    Privacy rules for reproductive history

    Thank you for all the replies I agree it was kind of a grey area for release of phi but the doctor imo was unprofessional. The joke was related to letting the information out unintentionally not about the abortion, still not a good time for a joke.
  2. GMHarmony

    Privacy rules for reproductive history

    My friend was in the ER a few years ago and while there answered all medical history questions some with her mother present some on her own. (She is over 18). When her mother was out of the room she asked that her reproductive history be kept private and only her husband was able to know. There were no papers signed, just a verbal agreement. Later that evening the doctor spoke of her past abortion in front of the mother who did not know and then realizing what was said the doctor made a joke about it. Needless to say my friend was horrified, embarrassed and upset. She still talks about it to this day and says she will never visit that hospital again. Is this a violation of Hippa? Is it too late for anything to be done?
  3. GMHarmony

    Caring for patient as a whole

    Currently I am working as an LPN in a nursing home and I often feel that the people there are not getting enough social interaction. I have observed that the majority of the people I take care of crave one on one attention that has nothing to do with medical/physical care needs being met, and I have little time to give towards this. The nature of my job for the most part is passing medications, changing dressings, and charting. When I was studying to be a nurse, I imagined caring for the patient as a whole, including socially/emotionally but I am finding in most my jobs this is not a priority and time constraints do not allow for anything more then the superficial greeting and farewell. I really think that companion care is just as vital to health as any medication or treatment and should not be overlooked, and I want to offer my time towards helping people in this way. Does anyone else (nurses/CNAS) feel like this? I would love to quit my job and do volunteer companion care, but I also need a way to provide for my family. It seems that it is not recognized as important to basic health and well being as it is not a highly paid service. I don't understand this??

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