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  1. I received an A in Med terminology. If you've never used med term in your life it can very well feel like you're learning an entire new language. It's a lot of memorization and depending on the class you will have to apply what you've learned to actual charting/real life documentation. My only tip is to buy some med term flashcards on amazon and study them daily. Eventually, you'll be able look at those terms and identify them right away without having to jog your memory. I wish you all the best with your class!
  2. jray721

    Orientation day + first weeks+ smoking cessation meltdown

    I've had those mental breakdowns in the past, sadly more than once. I can't imagine dealing with that on top of nursing school. You are amazing! Although those feelings feel like they will last forever, they will definitely subside! Many hugs to you!
  3. jray721

    Is 35 too old to start from Scratch?

    Not at all! I'm 31 and have almost half of my pre reqs done. I'll likely be 32 once I'm able to apply for the nursing program. I've been a stay at home mom with my 6 kiddos so this next chapter in life is really exciting for me. I'm hoping there will be other "oldies" in my nursing program with me. I wish you all the best in your new nursing journey!
  4. jray721

    How many nursing schools did you apply ? California

    Ellme- I'm in Oceanside, finishing up my pre reqs at miracosta so that I can take my TEAS at CSUSM. How difficult were the teas for you after completing your pre reqs? It's been 12 years since high school so the practice science and math questions scare me a bit. Good luck on your application! My husband just graduated from CSUSM with his BA this past May. =)