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  1. backyrat

    USC upstate- Anyone used this school?

    Do they have an option that is completely online? I am just starting to look into getting my RN-BSN.
  2. backyrat

    A&P and Micro at the same time?

    Well, I'm taking A&P I and Micro right now. I will let you know how it works out. And wouldn't you know it I ended up with the hardest of 3 teachers for A&P too? Everyone says that even though she is hard, students who have her learn and retain the most and it helps them out in nursing classes and they end up being better nurses in the long run though. My school has several entry options and one of them is to have a Bachelors Degree in a science field, which I have already. We also fill out applications for the ADN program and it is based on a points system. I have decided NOT to apply or start into the actual nursing program classes until I am finished with both A&P courses and Micro, even though they would let me if I had enough points to get in. But, our applications have to be turned in in February 2011 to get into the Fall 2011 nursing classes. By taking A&P I and Micro together now, I will be finished with them and get the points so that hopefully I can get into the Fall 2011 nursing classes. Those are the only 2 classes I am taking right now, but I also work part-time and have children in 5K and 2nd grade that I have to pick up at 2:30 every day. Basically, I go to class/ lab and work while the kids are at school and then we do their homework, have a few family hours and eat dinner together, and when they go to bed (at 7:30 or 8:00) I start studying. My husband works nights, so he isn't here as a distraction either and that helps too. I am very modivated to get A's in both of them, the higher the grade, the more points you get on your application.